15 Essential Travel Destinations For Batman Fans

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong place? Do you crave action and adventure? Plan your next trip around Gotham City and see the world through Batman’s eyes. Here are 15 must-see locations for a true Batman fan’s next trip. To the Batmobile!

1. Visit the Wayne Manor in Buckinghamshire, England.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via dcmovies.wikia.com, Flickr: rpmarks

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via dcmovies.wikia.com, Flickr: rpmarks

Let’s start from the beginning with, well, Batman Begins. After young Bruce loses his parents, he still calls this palatial estate home. To walk down the steps that Bruce did, you’ll need to hop on a quick flight to England and visit the Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire. This 19th-century English country house was designed by Joseph Paxton and features a large collection of fine art. Say hi to Alfred for me!

2. Feel like a prisoner at the Coalhouse Fort in Essex.

Batman Begins Bhutanese Prison collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via natewritesit.blogspot.com, Flickr: pixelwork

Since you’re in England already, your next stop is to the Bhutanese Prison that Bruce finds himself in after getting caught up in criminal activity. While the Coalhouse Fort looks prison-like, I can assure you that no one there will offer to let you join the League of Shadows (even if you wish they would.)

3. Learn to fight with Ra’s al Ghul in the Tibetan Himalayas.

Batman Begins training

Warner Bros. Pictures / Flickr: jasonparis

While the location is described as the “Tibetan Himalayas,” Bruce’s training scenes were actually filmed in Iceland. In Öræfasveit, Vatnajökuls and Svínafellsjökuls to be exact. Seem familiar? A lot of the filming in Game of Thrones is filmed here too. Maybe you’ll run into Jon Snow while searching for the League of Shadows.

4. Hunt down the Scarecrow in Chicago.

Batman Begins Parking Garage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via itsfilmedthere.com, Flickr: cjsmithphotography

I take great pride in the fact that Gotham City is based on Chicago (Midwest fo life, y’all), and this parking garage is similar to every parking garage in the city. This specific one is found at 200 W. Randolph st. in the center of The Loop. Parking in Chicago is so ridiculously expensive, you will consider yourself luckier if you manage to find a spot than find the Scarecrow.

5. Stop the Joker at Gotham National Bank

gotham bank collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via batman.wikia.com, Flickr: teemu08

One of the most memorable scenes from The Dark Knight is the first, when Gotham’s bank gets robbed by a bunch of masked marauders. This is the scene where we are first introduced to the Joker, who ends up masterminding the plot and gets off with all the money. Since you’re already in Chicago, go to the real scene of the crime, The Chicago Post Office. You won’t make off with much money unless you steal thousands of stamps, but I bet the workers there are as grouchy as the Joker’s accomplices were when they were there.

6. Stand menacingly in the street like the Joker.

LaSalle St collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via scriptshadow.net, Flickr: joeybls

With all of the cops that circle downtown Chicago, this may not be the greatest idea, but hit up LaSalle street and see where the Joker once stood. If you’re going to take a photo, make sure you do so at a stop light, because Chicago drivers have terrible road rage.

7. Chase the Joker in the streets below the city.

Dark Knight car chase collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via itsfilmedthere.com, Flickr: expeditionpictures

One of Chicago’s best kept secrets is Lower Wacker Drive. You can completely avoid the city and get to Lake Shore Drive, all while traveling completely underground. With the winding, dark roads and a high speed limit, you’ll feel like you’re in the Batmobile (your rental car) as you cruise underneath Chicago’s skyscrapers.

8. Visit the other Wayne Manor in Nottingham.

The Dark Night Wayne Manor collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / brucewayneissexy.tumblr.com, Flickr: duncanh1

In The Dark Knight Rises, Wayne manor calls Nottingham, England home. Recognize this house? It’s Wollaton Hall, the setting for many other films like The X-men series. You can pretend to be a recluse like Bruce, but only during operating hours.

9. Visit Wayne Enterprises and help them get their books in order.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via youtube.com, Flickr: charleyk_tucum

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via youtube.com, Flickr: charleyk_tucum

While you’re in New York, you may as well visit the site of Wayne Enterprises (Trump Tower). You may be disappointed though, in the quest to find the hotness that is Bruce Wayne, you may just run into the owner of the real building: Donald Trump. I don’t know who’s more terrifying, Trump or Bane.

10. Protect the Gotham Stock Exchange from Bane.

Gotham stock exchange collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via quoratopstories.tumblr.com, Flickr: epicharmus

Time to head back to the U.S. to visit the Gotham Stock Exchange (the Morgan Building) in New York City. You may be disappointed to find that it’s not the real stock exchange, but at least you’re safe from Gotham’s deadliest, and funniest sounding, villain.

11. Have a ball at the Gotham Museum.

Gotham ball collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via youtube.com, Flickr: rainrabbit

Clean up your act like Bruce and try to score an invite to the Gotham Museum Benefit Ball. You’ll have to head back to jolly old England for this one, but you may be quite disappointed. The real location in the Crush Hall of the Senate House on Gower Street in London, and I don’t think they would appreciate an impromptu masquerade party.

12. Watch the stadium collapse at Heinz Field.

Football scene collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via youtube.com, Flickr: mbergman

Sure the field won’t explode, but you can still soak in a great game at the stadium that the Pittsburgh Steelers call home. With similar team colors and a great view of Gotham (NYC), it will almost feel like you’re an extra in the film. Hopefully the National Anthem performer is a better singer than that little boy in the film.

13. Escape Blackgate Penitentiary to take down Bane.

Batman Begins escape from prison collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via modernmythmedia.com, Flickr: lfphotos

While the prison hole isn’t real (thank God), the backdrop for Bruce Wayne’s triumphant escape is. You’ll have a long flight to Jodhpur, India, but you’ll be able to soak in and visit the beautiful Mahrangarh Fort. While it only makes the briefest of appearances in the film, it is one of the most beautiful locations in all of the Batman series.

14. Stand up to Bane at Gotham City Hall

Dark Knight Rises City Hall Collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via brad-ricca.com, Flickr: radunzel

Who can forget the memorable moment when Bane overthrows the government and uses Gotham City Hall as the “court room” to condemn Gotham’s police and government employees? Recognize the building? It’s the Carnegie Mellon Institute in NYC. Recognize the presiding judge? It’s the Scarecrow from Batman Begins. 

15. Get trapped in Gotham City.

Bridges falling collage

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via youtube.com, Flickr: mbergman

After the bridges were blown in The Dark Knight Rises, you might be stuck there once you land. You may recognize these bridges, as they are some of the only ways to get into Manhattan. I promise the bridges are fully intact, but you may not be able to cross anyhow given how bad traffic can be during rush hour.

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