9 Most Beautiful Amazing Race Locations

These gorgeous Amazing Race locations will inspire your next vacation

© Doug Pearson/JAI/Corbis

© Doug Pearson/JAI/Corbis

The Amazing Race 

Svolvaer, Norway

Season 23, Leg 4 “Beards in the Wind”

The teams travelled to this famous northern fishing village to find a Detour, with the choices being “Hang Your Heads” or “Hammer of the Cods.” In “Hang Your Heads,” teams had first to string fish heads in six bundles of ten fish heads each. They then had to take them by wheelbarrow to a fish drying rack and place them on a marked rod. Once finished, the fish foreman would give their next clue. In “Hammer of the Cods,” the teams had to collect 15 pairs of cod from a 30-foot-high fish drying rack, and transport them to a manufacturing area to smash the cod into fish jerky. They also had to make sure to remove the bones. Once they made a full kilogram of fish jerky, they would receive their next clue.

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