12 Animated EDM Music Videos That Bring New Definition To Visuals

Visuals have always been a huge part of Electronic Dance Music. In the same vein as the beats created by producers, visuals match the morphing, bringing the music to life. From random moving shapes to full on storyboard animations, producers have created amazing visuals to both supplement their live performances and to bring their music to life in full on animated music videos. Here are 13 of the best animated music videos by some of my all time favorite producers!

1. “One More Time” by Daft Punk

Via Vimeo

Via Vimeo

How can you not start any EDM list with anyone other than Daft Punk? “One More Time,” off of their Discovery album in 2000, follows a funky alien band making all the other E.T.s dance. For whatever reason, these guys really give me a Captain Planet vibe, though that’s probably because of their bright blue skin. As you’ll see throughout the list, space-centric animation is quite the trend, which was, not surprisingly, started by Daft Punk.

Watch the full video here.

2. “Glow” by The M Machine

There many reasons that I love this video, but primarily because it combines animation with the real world. The video tells a story of a young girl bullied in school and abused at home and her protective imaginary robot. Not only does her robot companion comfort her, but at the end of the video he saves the day, taking down her abusers, making him not just a robot, but one with a giant metal heart.

Watch the full video here.

3. Dubstep Dispute

I love this short video, set to Nostalgia’s “Knights of Cydonia (Dubstep Remix).” While there is no talking, you can gather that one robot messed up breakfast and the others are not too pleased. It’s almost like WALL-E in a sense, where you can judge the feelings of completely inhuman characters just by their sounds and agitation.

The entire video, which you can watch here, shows the entire, adorable, breakfast bot meltdown.

4. “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia

This is both one of my favorite songs and favorite videos. Only SHM could bring you to a utopian racetrack where the dogs are controlled by their human DJ counterparts. The video was extended by Absolut Vodka into a 6 minute, mind-boggling racing video. The only thing cooler than the fashion in the video (which gives The Hunger Games a serious run for its money) is the perfectly paired animation, which blends seamlessly into the video.

Watch the full video here.

4. “My Feelings For You” by Avicii & Sebastien Drums

I love EDM songs with lyrics, so naturally I am a fan of this video. Not only does it have fun animation that includes a ton of nods to OG video games, it plays the lyrics on screen. Talk about convenience!

Watch the full video here.

5. “Feel It In My Bones” by Tiësto ft. Tegan & Sara

At the beginning, you travel through Tiësto’s eyes to see Tegan and Sara spinning and singing. Not only is this song fantastic, well-written, and one of the producer’s most popular, the video really hit the album title on the nose. It truly feels as if you’re seeing the song through Tiësto’s Kaleidoscope. 

Watch the full video here.

6. “Ich R U” by Boys Noize

This song really trips me up because “Ich” means “I” in German, so it’s a little hard for me to wrap my mind around if they are actually saying words or simply “Ich,” “R,” and “U.” The video is also pretty trippy, everything in it is made out of keyboard pieces. I guess when a producer’s life completely surrounds the use of a computer, it only makes sense that they see in letters.

Watch the full video here.

7. “Get Free” by Major Lazer

Sure, this is just the lyric video for Major Lazer’s “Get Free,” but I love the use of the album art in the video. Most lyric videos just feature the lyrics popping up against a black background, but theirs uses the same voyageur that they feature on the cover of their Free The Universe album. Going that extra mile makes the video that much more engaging and much more fun to watch.

Watch the full video here.

8. “Tiny Anthem” by The M Machine

If you couldn’t tell by now, I am a big fan of The M Machine. Their videos are just as unique as their style. “Tiny Anthem” is one of the most popular songs off of their Metropolis Pt. 2 EP. This colorful video follows a space woman that is being chased down by an angry, funny looking alien in a space craft that subtly features the band’s famous M logo. They open a lot of their live shows with this song, and for good reason, it’s pretty epic.

Watch the full video here.

9. “The Veldt” by Deadmau5 ft. Chris James

I love the simplistic nature of this video. The pretty sunset background and safari-esque landscape reminds me of The Lion King, and the characters are just too cute. I love watching these two love birds run together on an adventure.

Watch the full video here.

10. “No One Knows Who We Are” by Kaskade & Swanky Tunes ft. Light

I love that this video follows an animated DJ. It’s cool to see his using similar tools that a real DJ uses and it watching the buttons light up is not only accurate to real life, but very entertaining. It really feels as if Kaskade turned into a yellow drawing and dropped some serious beats on the guys in the vid.

Watch the full video here.

11. “Messages” by Dillon Francis ft. Simon Lord

Not only does the theme of this animated video appropriately fit the title, but it uses emojis the whole way through. The GIF above is the buildup right before the beat drops, and when listening to the song with the video it really does feel like you’re getting a bunch of high fives before you get punched in the face with a heavy beat drop.

Watch the full video here.

12. “Redline” by Wolfgang Gartner

This animation music video is one of my absolute favorites because it’s so obvious that Wolfgang had a lot of fun making it. Case and point: he’s the feature star! A cartoon version rocks out to the real Wolfgang’s awesome tune, and rocks some seriously cool shades.

Watch the full video here.

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