Backstage Pass: What’s In Celeb Swag Bags At Award Shows?

Even celebs have a competitive edge, who doesn’t? Walking out of the door with a hard-earned award amazing, but not winning doesn’t mean you leave empty-handed. Aside from the prestige of presenting or being nominated for an award, the chosen few also have access to VIP gifting suites that have freebies totally up to $168,000! Check out the epic gift bags that your favorite celeb nominees received at these 10 award shows in 2015!

The Golden Globes header

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards:

The VIPs at the Golden Globes got a goody bag worth a lot more than you would get at your average wedding or birthday party. A lot more. This years goodies totaled around $1,500 and included some serious swag:

Total Worth: Around $1,500

Most Valuable Gift: The Chill Factor Original Slushy Maker

Weirdest Gift: The Chill Factor Original Slushy Maker

Yes, I realize that they are the same, but, come on—you know you want a slushy maker! I wonder if they’d let you plug it in next to your seat during the show. The craziest thing about this swag bag is that it is the lowest valued gift bag on this list.

Billboard Awards header

The 2015 Billboard Music Awards:

The presenters and performers at the 2015 Billboard Awards got to pick and choose from some serious swag in the VIP gifting suite. Gifts here weren’t limited to just tangible items, either. Take a look:

  • Marchon Eyewear Sunglasses
  • M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection Belt
  • Teo Jasmin Bag

  • Earrings from Cindy Schultze Jewelry
  • Wallet brom Admonish
  • Make up (lip gloss and make up palette) by Andi
  • High Brew coffee
  • Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson ONE Las Vegas show (two tickets)
  • Naughty Girls Donut Show Coffee, Coffee Mug, Donuts and Donut Gift Card delivery
  • Chipz Happen (gluten free chips)
  • Ultimate Ears UE Boom wireless speaker

  • Combatant Gentlemen (men’s coat)
  • LIQRpop

Total Worth: Around $1,700

Most Valuable Gift: Cirque du Soleil ONE tickets

Weirdest Gift: $160 worth of donuts

It’s amazing the variety of value each of these items, but it’s even more amazing that they’re packaged together in one melting pot of food, jewelry, event tickets, and donuts. It’s everything you wanted and more. Oh, and likely some things you didn’t even know you wanted.

Brit Awards title

The 2015 Brit Awards:

The Brit Awards are often thought of as the UK version of the GRAMMY Awards—but the full name is “The British Phonographic Industry’s Pop Music Awards.” American and British presenters and nominees were treated to a variety of gifts valuing around £2,000 (or $3,065.30.)

Total Worth: Around £2,000 (or $3,065.30.)

Most Valuable Gift: Northskull jewelry

Weirdest Gift: Sensi Chic classic collection of scented candles

With the rise of red carpet celeb selfies, it’s no surprise that one of the freebies was a wide-angle lens camera—which btw, this variety is tiny, so it’s even easy for the female celebs to fit in their itty-bitty designer clutches.

VMAs header

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards:

The VMAs are known for many things—over-the-top presenters, crazy mash-up performances, and hilarious celeb reactions from the audience. Now we can add amazing swag to that list.

  • Adia Kibur Jewelry
  • Klotz AIS, Aspri Reverb, & the Xkey from Virgin Musical Instruments brought to you by Artist Relations
  • Bibigo Gochujang
  • Cassandra’s Gourmet Classics. Corp.
  • CIZE™
  • Dearfoams
  • DefineMe Fragrance
  • DELSEY Paris

  • DenTek Oral Care
  • The Empower Cosmopolitan Martini
  • Girl Code Live
  • 2015 Marty McFly Hat
  • Iniala Beach House
  • Invitation Consultants
  • Levears Earring Lifts
  • Lodis Sophia Dot Quinn Frame Clutch
  • Logitech 2015 Play Collection
  • Marchon Eyewear
  • Never Have I Ever®
  • NutriFit, LLC
  • Otis Spunkmeyer
  • Phantom Glass™

  • Swiss Legend from
  • The BuzzBug
  • The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas
  • Thera Cane MAX Trigger Point Massager
  • UE ROLL by Ultimate Ears
  • Yubico’s YubiKey
  • 611

Total Worth: Around $5,700

Most Valuable Gift: A villa at the Mulia Resort & Villas in Nusa Dua, Bali. Duh.

Weirdest Gift: The 2015 Marty McFly Hat

Not to be confused with the 2014 Marty McFly Hat, which I’m sure is totally different, the 2015 Marty McFly Hat is provided by Maybe you can wear it to the epic resort in Bali or to the penthouse sweet in Phuket.

CMAs Header

The 2015 Country Music Awards:

Hey, country artists need swag, too! The gifts vary widely from from other award shows because they appeal to, well, country stars. Let’s be clear—the nominees and presenters at the Country Music Awards don’t come cheap. Their gifting suite offers them swag to the tune of about $15,000. Miranda Lambert is going to need more than a few “Little Red Wagons” to bring all these goodies home.

Total Worth: Around $15,000

Most Valuable Gift: The variety of Gibson Guitar products including a Gibson Guitar strap, hoodie, logo flex hat, and custom shot glass set

Weirdest Gift: Le Brazzees, a company that designs unique bra straps coasted in Swarovski crystals and pearls. (Though, these are still pretty cool.)

This gift bag has some very interesting and unexplainable items like chocolate-based, fluoride-free luxury toothpaste, an intense martial arts video workout, and über fancy bra straps, but that doesn’t mean people wouldn’t want them—especially if they’re free!

ESPY header

The 2015 ESPY Awards:

So what if professional athletes are sponsored to the hilt by major corporations? Free is free, and, more importantly to the gift-givers, it’s free advertising. It doesn’t matter where your sport lies in the award show, if you’re nominated or presenting, you are more than welcome to walk home with $25,000 worth of swag.

  • Hotel Palomar San Diego
  • Corepower Yoga 2 month membership
  • Samsonite Tectonic backpack
  • Trapp/Evoque candles
  • Fleming’s Steakhouse giftcard
  • Hasbro toys and games
  • Crunch gym 6-month membership
  • BACtrack mobile breathalyzer 

  • Harrah’s Resort Southern California
  • Esperanza Auberge Resort
  • Speedfly Soboba
  • Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
  • Silvercar
  • Arrowhead Retreats
  • Handy giftcard
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience
  • Wag! giftcard
  • Brunton giftcard

  • Red Mountain Resort
  • Beachbody one-year membership
  • JetSmarter membership
  • Lucrin
  • Tiger Tail

Total Worth: Around $25,000

Most Valuable Gift: The two-night Essential Retreat Stay for two in a luxury villa at the Red Mountain Resort.

Weirdest Gift: BACtrack on-the-go breathalyzer

I am all for people knowing their limit and using their excessive means to find safer transportation, but we all see the headlines of celebrity after celebrity driving drunk. Maybe a mobile breathalyzer should be included in every contract

The Emmys

Aside from the ensured hilarity that will ensue at the Emmy Awards, nominees and presenters walk away with more than just the giggles—they fill up suitcases worth of swag totaling over $25,000.

Total Worth: Around $25,000

Most Valuable Gift: A four night stay at the Kinloch Club in New Zealand. Prices can tally up to $2,800 a night!

Weirdest Gift: $3,000 mattress—not the price or what it is, but because it’s only labeled “mattress.”

The Emmy Awards clearly want the artists to not only walk the red carpet, but to travel the world for free at a variety of luxury hotels and spas. They clearly also don’t want them to get saggy—both Modere and Skinn Cosmetics gave away hundreds of dollars worth of high-end anti-aging products, including a cream made out of snow algae.

Grammy header

The 2015 GRAMMY Awards:

This year’s gift bag for nominees and presenters was valued at over $25,000. It included a variety of goodies including a guitar, a luxury train trip, and a neck pillow. Oh, and all this:

  • $1,140 Gibson Guitar
  • $5 Purell hand sanitizer
  • $46 hat from California Good Clothing
  • $96 in chocolate from Cholatines
  • $110 Polar Loop activity Tracker
  • $195 worth of stationary from Moo
  • $395 sunglasses from Marchon
  • $270 veneer and porcelain toothpaste from MyntSmile
  • $14,584 Rocky Mountaineer luxury train trip through Canada
  • $355 Dorco disposable razors
  • Three personal training sessions from Lalo Fuentes
  • $645 worth of Sean John clothing
  • $645 aromatherapy massage by Heather Lounsbury

Total Worth: Around $25,000

Most Valuable Gift: $14,584 Rocky Mountaineer luxury train trip through Canada

Weirdest Gift: $4 SleepMints

I never thought that I would see hundreds of dollars of razors, hand sanitizer, and a luxury train trip through Canada combined together, but here they all are—in an incredibly over-the-top gift bag that I am beyond jealous of.

Cannes header

The 2015 Cannes Awards:

As if partying in the French Riviera isn’t enough of a gift itself, the VIP gifting suite offered some seriously nice swag to the tune of a cool $50,000.

  • A trip to Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa
  • Danafisi 18kt yellow and gold ring
  • Reija Eden Jewelry silver earrings
  • Micalla Jewelry statement necklaces
  • Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Cream—and at $345.00 a pop, there better be real diamonds in there!

  • Parisian brand Le Sultane de Saba argan oil
  • Idrotherapy Wrinkle Reducer
  • Vincent Bottesi heels
  • Pop Chips
  • Kumi Kookoon bedding
  • Detox Delight juice cleanse
  • Ratatam children’s clothing

Total Worth: Around $50,000

Most Valuable Gift: The trip to the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa, which for us plebes costs more than $1,000 a night. They also deliver you breakfast in bed via canoe to your personal cabana.

Weirdest Gift: Pop Chips. Sure, they sponsor a ton of stuff and offer chips just about every major event, but can you imagine being the rep at the event standing next to the guy offering you a trip of a lifetime to Bora Bora?

Trust the famous French film award show to shell out for the classy designer duds. Between the bling, expensive face creams, and trips around the world, presenters and nominees are clearly going to look well-rested and glittery come next years awards—and, if their acting chops continue to rise—they’ll just keep getting more and more gifts!

Drum roll please…

Oscars headerThe 2015 Academy Awards:

Before I dive into this one, I think that it’s important to note that the average household income in 2013 was $51,939. That being said, the gifting suite at the Academy Awards sent nominees and presenters away with bags worth an estimated $168,000.  And no, they didn’t receive a mid-sized ranch house in a decent neighborhood, but they did get all this:

Total Worth: Around $168,000

Most Valuable Gift: Technically speaking, it would be the $25,000 worth of custom furniture, but I have never been “glamping,” so the $12,500 Terravelo Tours vacation would be my first choice.

Weirdest Gift: Where do I even start? The orgasm booster? The thousands of dollars worth of liposuction? $20,000 worth of astrology readings? Or that damn train trip that keeps popping up at all of these events’ gifting suites. How many celebs actually take a first class train ride through the Canadian Rockies? I would love to go, but last time I checked, A-listers travel by private plane.

This $168,000 Academy Award gifting suite was a wonderland of anything and everything you could possibly want. You could ride your new Matrone bicycle on a nine-day trip to Italy before your picked up for free in an Audi go to your “glamping” destination. While you wait for your $25,000 custom furniture pieces to arrive, you can take a luxury train ride through the Canadian Rockies before you head home to cash in on free lipo and an astrology reading that is so good it’s more expensive than most peoples’ cars. Oh, and potentially a 24-karat gold plated Oscar Award valued at $900.

What do you think?