The Most Expensive Indulgences Of 2016

This year, I took a different approach on my yearly expensive indulgence pieces. Instead of highlighting the priciest purchases of the year at auction, I focused on (unbelievable expensive) items made available to the public. So, if you enjoy lighting dollar bills on fire and don’t have heart attacks when paying premiums upwards of 10,000% of the average market price for similar items, this list of goodies is just for you!

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8 Amazing Stories Of Soldiers And Their Dogs

It’s no question that a dog is a man’s best friend. Their loyal companionship is undeniable and enriches the lives of their owners. While overseas, many soldiers forge bonds with both K9 companions and even local strays, many of which feed the pups with their own rations and protect them from the elements secretly in their barracks. Take in these incredible mutts and their heartwarming tails.

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Backstage Pass: What’s In Celeb Swag Bags At Award Shows?

Even celebs have a competitive edge, who doesn’t? Walking out of the door with a hard-earned award amazing, but not winning doesn’t mean you leave empty-handed. Aside from the prestige of presenting or being nominated for an award, the chosen few also have access to VIP gifting suites that have freebies totally up to $168,000! Check out the epic gift bags that your favorite celeb nominees received at these 10 award shows in 2015!

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GRAMMY 2016 Song Of The Year Lyrics, As Explained By Baby Animals

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran


Photo: HotShotsWorldwide/Corbis

What happens when you take the lyrics from each tune nominated for a 2016 Song Of The Year GRAMMY and pair them with a different baby animal? It’s about to get all sorts of adorbz up in here!

Read the full lyrics of “Thinking Out Loud” on MetroLyrics. Plus, for more squee-worthy moments, be sure to watch the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards, which will be broadcast live at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST, and available for streaming through CBS All Access.

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The 10 Greatest Internet Cats

There are cats, and then there are Internet cats. These little fellas skyrocketed to fame on Instagram and because of their weird quirks are the cutest felines on the planet. Not only do their owners share their pets with the world, they all bring attention to animal causes and encourage others to adopt cats. Who knows, you could save the life of a cat and become an Internet sensation!

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15 Of The Most Expensive Indulgences Of 2015

The lifestyles of famous celebs pale in comparison to that of the ultra-rich. We’re talking billionaire bankers, international hedge fund managers, and people that have literally struck gold—or better yet, oil. Last year’s indulgences can’t hold a candle to this year’s—with technology changing daily, those that can afford the best of the best are ready and willing to wrap their diamond coated hands around these 15 Expensive Indulgences.

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