Criminal Minds

Serving as the lead content producer for Criminal Minds for the past two years, I have created a wide variety of articles for the top performing CBS primetime drama. Over the years, I have highlighted characters, provided insider facts about the stars, provided recaps in new, innovative ways, and taken fans behind-the-scenes of the series that’s captivated fans for well over a decade. Below are just a few examples of my exemplary work. To see more of my Criminal Minds coverage, click here.

Character Highlights:

Every Criminal Minds‘ fan has a favorite character. In an effort to showcase each in different and interesting ways, I try to look at each character through a different lens. Two great examples are “Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dr. Spencer Reid On Criminal Minds?” and “If Criminal Minds’ David Rossi Quotes Were Motivational Posters.” 

how_well_do_you_know_dr._spencer_reid_0Instead of simply presenting reasons why everyone should love Dr. Reid, I put fans’ skills to the test to determine just how much they know about one of the show’s most beloved characters. This quiz, which I launched in early Spring of 2016, continues to garner hundreds of thousands of page views.aspire_poster

Another great example of my creativity is my “If Criminal Minds’ David Rossi Quotes
Were Motivational Posters.”
Following the notorious “inspirational posters” we see everywhere, I created ones to match famous lines the agent has said over the past 11 seasons.

Actor Information:

kristen_4As one of the most popular CBS shows, the cast of Criminal Minds has many fan favorites. To provide more information about these stars, I’ve created many articles that include fun facts about the cast that fans might otherwise may not know, including “10 Fun Facts About Criminal Minds’ Kirsten Vangsness” and “5 Things You Didn’t Know About A.J. Cook of Criminal Minds.”


In order to produce new and interesting takes on traditional recaps, I have written recaps that include moments from all 11 seasons of the show. In order to highlight a variety of episodes within one article, I pick one topic that spans across characters and seasons. For example, instead of simply writing about one episode with a particularly10_badass_takedowns_primary_image_6 compelling fight scene, I chose to highlight the best takedown scenes that span over the entirety of the show: “10 Badass Criminal Minds Takedowns That Still Leave Us Bruised.”

Another approach I have taken is the quiz-style format. For example, “Criminal Minds: Do You Remember These 10 Shocking Moments?” not only provides fans with big moments, it tests their knowledge of the show’s biggest moments from the past 11 seasons.

Evergreen content:

gcpsalthough_the_world_is_full_of_suffering_it_is_also_full_of_overcoming_it.gcyOne of my favorite parts of each episode of Criminal Minds is the aspiring and moving quotes the characters read before and after each episode. One of my top performing posts for the show, “17 Profound Criminal Minds Quotes That Will Inspire You,” highlights some of the most poignant quotes featured in the program. This piece was written more than a year ago but, because of its evergreen nature, it continues to garner unique views and shares.

Another great way that I’ve curated evergreen content is applying character traits to fans. sings_youre_spencer_primaryMy most recent post of this nature, “10 Signs You’re The Doctor Reid Of Your Friends,” has already skyrocketed in engagement. By highlighting aspects of one of Criminal Minds’ most beloved characters and comparing them to what fans appreciate about themselves or about people they know, making this post incredibly shareable, especially on Facebook.