Disney Wedding Series: Frozen

Growing up, every girl wants to be a Disney princess. Assuming you weren’t born into the Royal family, the only chance you’ll really get to be treated like one is on your wedding day. One couple already took this theme to an extreme with a dramatic Disney proposal, but here’s the best way to throw the tasteful, Frozenthemed wedding of your dreams!

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Color Scheme:

As far as a having a Frozen-themed wedding, focus on the colors in Frozen and not the actual movie, that way you’re the princess on your big day and not Elsa. This palate is beautiful and will give your wedding a complete Winter Wonderland feel.

The Invitations:

I know that making your own invitations are all the rage now, but many of my friends that have made their own say that it was quite a task. On average, couples spend $443 on invitations and sites like Etsy.com can connect you with people that make really beautiful invites, like the one above from Little Bo Press, for around $4, which may not save as much money as a DIY, but definitely saves time. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, the ones below are simple, yet unique. The Rainbow Colors offer this set for $5.75 a piece.

The Dress:

The average couple spends around $1,300 on a wedding dress, and all of the above ones are in and around that price range. The top left dress, JJ’s House Sweetheart Watteau Train, is listed at $186. I don’t know how I feel about the quality of that, but I included it because of its sleeves and train. Very Elsa. If you’re really into the theme, the bottom middle dress, the Tony Ward illusion sheath at $3,000, is a beautiful combination of a sophisticated wedding dress, while still keeping Elsa’s coronation dress style. When you walk down the isle, you’ll remind your prince charming that:

“Some people are worth melting for.” – Olaf

Most people don’t need, or even want, a different reception dress, but because Elsa’s ice dress is so iconic, I thought these would be worth including. All of them are made by Jovani, who also makes fabulous wedding dress and pricey couture dresses that you’ve likely seen a celeb or two wear on the red carpet. Obviously each of these depend on your own style, but the Jovani sleeveless jersey dress (middle) is my personal favorite. I love that it has the train similar to Elsa’s. The far right one does as well, but it’s a little too sexy for my taste, but to each their own!

Bridal Accessories:

Ok, so the cape is a little over the top, but you can DIY it, so if you love it, why not? The directions can be found here. I love the simple hairpieces, but at the same time, you never get a chance to wear a tiara aside from your wedding (at least appropriately, anyways,) so why not go for it?

Bridesmaids’ Dresses:

You typically don’t have a character to base the bride and the bridesmaid’s outfit off of, so why not roll with it? Pick out your real-life Annas and give them a nod to her character. The longer dress (Monique Lhuillier, far right) is pretty pricey at $298, but the shorter dress (Taylor Prom, left) is a cool $69. Most brides ask their bridal party to cover the cost of their own dresses, so giving them a low number and a cute dress is the way to go.

Grooms Accessories:

Who says that the ladies get to have all of the fun?! Customized flasks are a great groomsman gift because, let’s face it, weddings are stressful and a little liquid courage in your breast pocket never hurt anyone. You can get blue and silver ones that not only go with the theme, but aren’t too feminine for $11 from Dakota Expressions. Keeping the theme in mind, the black cufflinks are perfect: the snowflakes fit perfectly, without being ostentatious. Cufflinks World has a variety of options to check out. I love when the groomsmen have fun bow ties. It’s a nice way to jazz up the typical, boring black suit and allows the groom to add his own style.

The Venue:

The average couple spends around $13,400 on their reception hall (not including food, bar, or music.) If you’re going all out and can afford a destination wedding, then obviously the ICEHOTEL is the way to go. ICEHOTEL is the world’s first and largest hotel built of snow and ice and it is situated in Jukkasjärvi, a small village in Northern Sweden with 1,100 residents and would be the perfect location for a full-on ice extravaganza. Only open from the end of October to early March, you’d have to plan around the weather, but the venue is no stranger to weddings: it has over 100 every year. Ok, back to reality. This theme lends itself to a realistic budget because all you really need are the staples (in white) and lots of blue lighting and some themed centerpieces. I love the dangling lights because it feels like your in a glittery snow storm. Some companies, like Creative Ice, offers tons of styles of customized ice bars for around $1,000-2,000. The company also offers reasonably priced ice sculptures and even ice centerpieces. You can even get a crazy ice luge for your guests to take shots from. Now that is a stand out wedding feature! As Kristoff said:

“Woah, that’s some nice ice. I might cry.”

The Tables:

The average couple spends around $2,000 on décor and centerpieces. All of the above pieces could be DIY, but the top two seem a bit ambitious and likely should be left to the professionals. The top left is my favorite, and is designed by Colin Cowie Weddings. Absolutely stunning. The bottom three are totally doable. For the table numbers, print out photo-sized numbers and place them in glittered frames. Buy a giant box of white, silver, and glitter ornaments (hello, Costco!) and put the place cards in the little hoops. Pick up white candles and holders, colorful ornaments (again, Costco!), and embellish them with fake snow and white twig things. Done deal!

The Cake:

Ah, my favorite part: the cakes! On average, couples spend near $550 on their wedding cake. I would spend a lot more just because this is essentially all I care about (selfish, I know.) One of the most popular trends these days is to have mini cakes, or individual desserts, for each guest, so the top row is dedicated to that fad. The snowflake cupcakes are adorable and would make for a great take-home gift, as well. You can even try to DIY them with these instructions. The cake on the bottom left is a little avant garde for a wedding, but the story behind it is so cool. Cakes 4 Fun in Putney, London created this stunning dessert by creating edible feathers with rice paper and sprinkled them with edible glitter, perfect for a Snow Queen, not so appropriate for a wedding. The other two are great, as well. I love that they keep the Frozen theme, but also keeps with traditional style: a white cake with wintery embellishments. My personal favorite is the cake on the bottom right, made by Alliance Bakery in Chicago. I think the little pearls are so cute and perfect for the theme without being too theme-y.

And finally, the favors:

You can’t leave your guests hanging at the end of the night! On average, couples spend about $300 on wedding favors. These little guys are a great gift and won’t bust the bank. The wine stoppers ring in at $3.40 a piece, so even if you have 100 guests, you’re still close to the average. The cookies come in at $18 for 36 cookies and the candle holders at $3 a piece. You can really go far with gifts this great at reasonable prices. Go nuts!

What do you think?