Disney Wedding Series: The Little Mermaid

Growing up, every girl wants to be a Disney princess. Assuming you weren’t born into the Royal family, the only chance you’ll really get to be treated like one is on your wedding day. One couple has already taken this Little Mermaid theme to the extreme, but here’s the best way to throw the tasteful, Little Mermaid-themed wedding of your dreams!

The Color Scheme:

Sherwin-Williams / via letschipit.com

Sherwin-Williams / via letschipit.com

Obviously color schemes for weddings are very personal, but for the Ariel Theme, I thought that this combo would be perfect. It specifically covers the colors of waves (and not the beach at all.) At Sherwin-Williams.com, you can try on a ton of colors and make swatches. Check that out here.

The Invitations:

Magic Beyond Midnight offers some very cool and diverse custom invitations. The average American wedding spends around $450 on invitations, so this fancy boxed invite is pricey at $10.25 (unless you have under 45 people coming). This invitation is simple, beautiful, and the little shell charm is an adorable keepsake for the invitee. Unless you want to DIY your invites, this is actually the cheapest and most attractive invitation set that I was able to find on my Etsy.com search. Many similarly priced invites are super simple and usually two or three colors. Personally, I think this invite is the best bang for your buck.

Etsy.com shop owner Cartier creates these beautiful invitations that are literally a message in a bottle. Clear wine bottles are adorned with gold pebble paper and customized labels. The actual invite is scrolled up, sealed, and wrapped in grossgrain ribbon, which ensures smooth removal of invite from bottle. The ribbon is then sealed with gold wax and stamped with a custom monogram. The bottle also contains shimmering white sand and sea shells. The bottle is shipped in a wooden wine case, along with a customized RSVP card resembling a travel tag. The seller can customize every detail of it to fit your wedding’s theme, but the price tag might send you swimming: $50 each. To be fair, these invitations are worth every penny, but that’s a lot of fucking pennies if you’re on a budget.

The Dress:

If The Little Mermaid is your theme, you are going to have a lot of dress options, especially given that there is an entire mermaid-gown style. As is true with all wedding dresses, it all depends on your price range. If you have a big budget, you can splurge on dresses like the Maggie Sottero (above middle) that starts at $5,000, the Ian Stuart (top right) that starts at $3,000, and the Danielle Caprese (bottom middle) that starts at $5,000. The average spent on a wedding dress in 2013 was about $1,280, so the aforementioned three dresses are for people with money to burn, but the three David’s Bridal gowns are $699 (bottom right), $1,248 (top left), and $1,100 (bottom left.) When you find the right dress you’ll be saying:

“Have you ever seen something so wonderful in your entire life?” – Ariel

Bridal Accessories:

In order to avoid being cheesy, I really like the idea of having a mermaid-style white dress and then use accessories to amp up the theme. People should not walk into your wedding and think that you’re some Disney freak (though, let’s be honest, we all are), and you don’t want the theme to overshadow you. These accessories, particularly the hair piece and the bouquet (the Jimmy Choo shoes are quite pricey) add a very subtle nod to The Little Mermaid, without having to die your hair an unnatural blood red. I love the bouquet, but I wouldn’t suggest throwing it to the single ladies. It’s made of seashells, gems, blue sea glass, and pearls. Not only could that take someone’s eye out, but you can have it as a keepsake forever.

Groom Accessories:

Clockwise from top left: cufflinks, boutonniere, and bow tie

Clockwise from top left: cufflinks, boutonniere, and bow tie

The groom deserves some lovin’ too! Some of the above items are all from Etsy.com, which I love because Esty sellers can customize things without driving up the price like wedding stores. Guys definitely like to go the subtle route, so wave-like cufflinks, undersea bowties, and starfish boutonnieres (DIY), are great for not only the groom, but are great groomsmen gifts!

The Venue:

Let’s start with the venues, which is typically the highest expense couples pay in their weddings (on average, $13,385) Depending on your budget, I love the idea of having a wedding in an aquarium. Check your local aquarium and see what they offer, many allow for certain areas to be rented out for special events, like this one in Los Angeles. An aquarium is a two-for-one deal when you think about it, you really don’t need decorations; the fish tanks do it for you! For a better value, you can rent out a plain venue and really do it up on the decorations. This takes some serious dedication though. If you’re planning to DIY a lot of things, this theme really lends itself to that. The silverware centerpiece is from this over-the-top Little Mermaid-themed wedding, which you could probably DIY with a blowtorch (because everyone has a blowtorch,) but I think that it’s a little much. I get the reference to “dinglehoppers,” but I don’t know if it belongs at the center of your table. The beautiful fishbowl centerpieces just require a cool bowl, sand, some pretty shells, and a flower. Simple, yet sophisticated. For the seating cards, Martha Stewart lays out directions on how to DIY the ones seen above. She describes it pretty simply, but you aren’t Martha Stewart, so keep that in mind when allocating time.

The Cakes:

Ah, my favorite part of researching any post: the dessert portion. I decided to include this cake purely to show how dedicated people can be to their theme and how it can quickly turn tacky. I do not suggest that you go that route. The shell macaroons are so, so cute. They would make the perfect finger food. On average, couples spend around $550 on their wedding cake, but to each their own. Most bakeries can’t advertise specific prices because each cake is different, so make sure to set your budget and visit a few different places to find the best cake for your budget.

And Finally, The Favors:

As an unwed person, I am all about the favors (oh, yeah, and the cake), so don’t blow this part off. In 2013, on average, couples spent $281 on favors, a bit less than they did the previous year. I love the necklaces, which would be a great gift for the girls in the bridal party, but are too over the top for every guest. The DIY message in a bottle favors are really cute (instructions here), but, again, keep in mind that time is of the essence. If you have time, great. If your hands are nimble, great. But that’s a lot of tiny writing on tiny paper in tiny bottles with tiny corks. Just saying. For those with a tight budget, you can never go wrong with a candy bar. Just big fancy jars stocked with a colorful variety of candies. Provide bags (even ones with your names one them) and people can make their own! There’s a reason why Dylan’s Candy Bar is so amazing, because people love candy.

At the end of the night, all your guests will be saying:

“Woah, what a swim!” – Scuttle

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