20 Epic groom cakes to represent your husband’s favorite hobby

Groom’s cakes have become an awesome trend that allow brides to show their appreciation for their man (and thank him for putting up with their craziness during wedding planning), and give them a nod towards their favorite activities. Here are 20 amazing groom cakes that, honestly, are way better than a big, white wedding cake anyways.

1. This tasty tool box:

Flickr: karenhedge

Flickr: karenhedge

This is for the handy-groom, or, in most cases, the groom who thinks that he is handy. The details on this cake are amazing. This will probably be the only occasion where you’ll actually want to drill your teeth. Though you may have to anyways if you get a cavity. If you live in Texas, Karen’s Kakes is obviously the bakery to hit if you want to make your new husband feel like a tool.

2. This tailgate treat:

Is your new husband a king of the grill? This completely edible cake is even vegetarian-friendly with its little ear of corn. If you’re getting hitched in Wisconsin, Cakes by Erin Salerno is clearly where you need to go to get your grill on.

3. This drunken dessert:

What’s better than having an open bar at a wedding? Well, nothing, but this cake is an excellent addition! Hopefully the bride cake is shaped like a coke can, then it would truly be a perfect pair.

4. This sweet Death Star:

Everyone has a geeky side, so if your husband is a big Star Wars fan, hook him up with an awesome Death Star (pre-destruction) cake! Sweet Treets Bakery in Austin, Texas makes incredibly this and many other detailed cakes, just make sure to ask them to hold off on adding Jar Jar Binks.

5. This game station goody:

Every man on the planet has a favorite video game, so if your groom is a big gamer, it makes sense to give him one last taste of what he’ll likely have to give up on after the big day. Jenniffer White of Cup a Dee Cakes designed this edible XBOX.

6. This coffee concoction:

This cake could either be the perfect barista groom cake or a nod to how much coffee had to be consumed to prepare for the wedding. Designed by Harmony Cakes in British Columbia, was made with chocolate cake with mocha (duh) buttercream frosting and raspberry preserves. I bet this sugar-made coffee could give you some serious jitters.

7. This six-stringed sweet:

This guitar cake is a red velvet, full size replica of a real Gibson guitar. The neck of the cake was made with rice krispy treats and Heather’s Cakes in Vienna, Georgia got the guitar down to the last detail: the strings are spray-painted spaghetti. This cake rung in at $1050, making it one expensive, delicious instrument.

8. This sweet salute:

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a special cake than a military man. Designed by Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes in Greenwich, Connecticut, this cake seems like the perfect salute to your G.I. Groom.

9. This savory sports nod:

As a Chicago native, I love this cake. You’re husband will feel like Michael Jordan if he sees this basketball cake roll out at your wedding. Made by Palermo Bakery in New Jersey (what about the Nets?), this cake looks (and probably tastes) better than a championship ring.

10. This Chevy cake:

If you’re getting married anywhere near Beaverton, Oregon, you obviously need to call the Artisan Cake Company. And if you don’t, check out their website because they have really cool tutorials. This cake was over 100 pounds and is a replica of a 427 Chevy big block engine. This german chocolate cake will have you groom revving his engine when he sees this roll out of the kitchen.

11. This deadly dessert:

If your husband is a gun aficionado, this cake will certainly hit him right in the heart. Piece-a-Cake Bakery in Raleigh, North Carolina perfectly replicated a Kimber Stainless Gold Match II with simple, yet always delicious, red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

12. This God Father cake:

Your husband already made you an offer you couldn’t refuse, now it’s your turn. This cinematic cake, from Gateaux Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is perfect for the tequila-drinking, popcorn-eating gangster groom. Oh, and the dvd is solid chocolate!

13. This camera cake:

For the Insta-groom, it only makes sense to make a cake in the shape of a picture-perfect camera. Created by Studio Cake in Menlo Park, California, this cake is designed for a lens lover. Just make sure the wedding photographer doesn’t get their hands on it.

14. This super cake:

Now this is one super cake! It covers many of the most famous DC and Marvel Comic characters, so you’re bound to feature your husband’s favorite hero. Made by Grammy Sues Cakes in Cogan Station, Pennsylvania, this hero cake will certainly be a show stopper, and may even save the day!

15. This stellar cake:

We are all nerds at heart. If your groom is out of this world, this cake just makes sense. The details on this cake are astronomical. Coming from The Peoples Cake in Seattle, Washington, don’t be upset if this cake ends up stealing your reception’s show, it’s guaranteed that they’ll be stuck in its orbit.

16. This tasty tackle box:

Ok, I find fishing to be incredibly boring, but a lot of people find it fun and relaxing. If your husband is one of those people, this edible tackle box from Tasteful Indulgence in Seward, Nebraska, is the perfect cake. Once he sees it, you know he’ll be hooked.

17. This Guinness goodie:

You’re groom will definitely have a beer belly after eating this delicious cake. This cake, provided by Signature Weddings by Candice, is a not-so-subtle nod to your new husband’s love of this famed Irish beer. Though, let’s be honest, he’s the lucky one.

18. This poker pastry:

This poker cake is for the gambling groom. I love the simplistic design of this cake and you could have a different flavor for each chip! A marriage is a huge gamble, but it’s a lot easier when everyone’s cards are on the table.

19. This (literal) ice cream cake:

This cake seems more like the one you’d need if your groom leaves you at the alter, but to each their own. Who wouldn’t want to dig into this ice cream cake? Plus you get to invite your boyfriend Ben & Jerry to the celebrations.

20. This tasty travel cake:

I saved my favorite cake for last because, honestly, I would want this as the only cake. It’s so cool and the detail is unbelievable. I love to travel (who doesn’t), so this cake from Sweet Face Cakes in Mount Juliet, Tennessee is perfection. Plus, it’s a great reminder that you’ll soon be jetting off to an amazing honeymoon!

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