8 Essential Travel Destinations For X-Men Fans

Ever wonder what it would be like to get accepted into the Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters? Or maybe fight a war of the worlds against The Hellfire Club or The Brotherhood? I am sorry to say that you’ll never be able to have mutant powers, but you can stand where the mutants once stood. Turn your next vacation into you’re own last stand by checking out these 8 film locations of the X-Men franchise!

1. Relax on the beach where Magneto and Dr. X parted ways.

first class beach collage

20th Century Fox / Via whatculture.com and beyondhollywood.com, flickr: dgonzal111139

Usually the term “beach” is synonymous with relaxing on the sand and playing in the surf, but in X-Men: First Class, it was ground zero for a potential nuclear war. Thankfully, Magneto saved the day and Jekyll Island, Georgia, is still the beautiful beach it was before filming. Just make sure you’re soaking in sun, and not radiation, at this sandy spot.

2. Visit the Warrington Labs building where Angel took free flight.

Wall Centre jump collage

20th Century Fox / Via fanpop.com, flickr: blazinred

At the beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand, Warren Warrington III and his lab attempted to demonstrate the effectiveness of their new “cure” to mutation on his own son, who was born with wings. In the last second, Angel escapes his straps and flies to safety from one of the top floor windows. In real life, this mountain of a building is known as One Wall Centre in Vancouver, Canada. It’s owned by the Sheraton Hotel Group and is mostly comprised of hotel rooms and condominiums. Though, who knows, there could be a mutant lab in there somewhere.

3. Hit the books at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

School collage

20th Century Fox / Via underconsideration.com, flickr: washuugenius

Ok, I don’t want to get your hopes up, so there actually is no Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, but the Hatley Park National Historic Site in British Columbia is home to Royal Roads University. Close enough, right?

4. Fall in love in the Division X Laboratory.

wind tunnel collage

20th Century Fox / Via fanpop.com and bl.uk

No promises that you’ll find a sexy, young, mutant lab geek there, or see any scientists for that matter. This lovely wind tunnel calls the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum in Hampshire, England home. The museum has been featured in many news outlets as a great facility, but I would brace myself for knowledge and not hot, nerd love.

5. Work on your foreign language abilities at the Russian Military Retreat.

military retreat collage

20th Century Fox / Via movieloci.com, empireonline.com

In X-Men: First Class, the good Dr. X and Lensherr capture Frost and discover Shaw’s intention to start WWIII at the lovely retreat of an overweight Soviet general. The actual location is the West Wycombe Park, a country house of Sir Francis Dashwood, in Buckinghamshire, England. The park now serves a combined role of a museum, home, and film set, and features beautiful antique artifacts. I wonder if the family got to play extras.

6. Run laps like the Beast at Dr. X’s estate.

xavier mansion collage

20th Century Fox / Via empireonline.com, flickr: anton41

When the CIA became unsafe for America’s favorite mutants, Dr. X and his infinite wealth provided the crew with a swanky new pad. Turns out this big-ass house is just that, a big ass house. The Englefield House, a Elizabethan country house in Berkshire, England, is owned by the Benyon family and allows visitors to visit the gardens and home year round. If the place looks familiar, there’s good reason; it’s appeared in The King’s Speech, Great Expectations, and the unfathomably stupid new reality show I Wanna Marry Harry.

7. Bring your floaties to Alkali Lake:

Alkali Lake Collage

20th Century Fox / Via herogohome.com, flickr: suraky

Any X-Men fan out there knows the importance of Alkali Lake, it’s where Jean Grey sacrificed herself for the team in X2, rose from the dead in X-Men: The Last Stand, and subsequently killed her lover, Cyclops, while he was mourning her death at the lake. This eery location in the movie is usually home to splashing families in the summer, playing in Alouette Lake in the Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. The lake also features the Alouette Dam, which made it perfect for the final scene in the second film of the series.

8. Drive (safely) across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate collage

20th Century Fox / Via whatculture.com, flickr: ayoltderoos

In the final scene of X-Men: The Last Stand, Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bride in San Francisco to attach Alcatraz to the mainland for The Brotherhood to facilitate an attack on Worthington Labs. The video effects in this scene are impeccable, but I promise that when you get to San Francisco, this famous suspension bridge will still be spanning the Golden Gate strait. I guess you could swim to Alcatraz, but I really don’t suggest doing that.

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