Everything You Need To Throw The Greatest FIFA Party Ever

If there is ever a reason to get your friends together, this is it. Everyone comes together over sports, love ’em or hate ’em, and FIFA effects the whole world. Rep your nation and all the others at the ultimate FIFA party!

Invitations are a crucial part of any party, let alone the party of the year. And because FIFA goes on for so long, you actually have time to make invites that people will actually want to save to (maybe) remember the awesome party!

Snacks are a crucial part of any party, any respectable one anyways. Aside from the usual, make this fun guacamole-shaped like a soccer field. If you’re going to Instagram it, do it fast. We all have that one friend that will dig in dead center and ruin your avocado art. For your friends with a sweet tooth, make soccer cupcakes! Looking online I found a bunch that were clearly made by culinary artists and unless you have time to work fondant, I suggest this recipe. It’s nice and easy and you can just buy those sugar soccer balls at any Party City. For festive drinks, make sure to rep your country! This recipe makes a pretty red, white, and blue concoction, but it’s virgin, so kick it up with your favorite clear booze.

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In order to appeal to all of the nations, add some color to your solo cup stash! Get all of the FIFA Brazil colors at Party City. These are little details that people notice and they come cheap, woohoo!

Speaking of details, here’s a cute way to rep your team and know which drink is yours. Have a straw flag-making station with different teams colors. I think that this is super cheesy at weddings, but I think it would be perfect for a rowdy fútbol party! It may require a little prep work beforehand (printing & cutting), but people will love it.

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Party games are an absolute must during a soccer party. We can all admit it, the games are long and can be incredibly slow moving. To kill the time during a drawn out tie, start a game of soccer pong! You can pick up multi-flag solo cups and a pack of soccer ping-pong balls (save the baseball and basketball ones for next season’s parties) and turn a US party staple into an international event!

This next idea comes from my sorority days. Grab a soccer ball piñata at your local party store and instead of stuffing it with candy (ok, maybe some candy), stick in a wide variety of shooters. Try to get liquors that hail from all over, so when the piñata explodes, everyone will be filled with booze and international love!

Soccer is a fun and rowdy sport, and parties are also fun and rowdy. That being said, we all have that one friend or friend of a friend that takes things too far. Pick up these flags at any sporting goods store and throw penalties with the best of them. Also — establish an automatic red card for anyone with a vuvuzela.

It’s a known rule that no one should leave an awesome bash without amazing memories and a little memorabilia. You can get sunglasses that rep all of the countries at this site cheaply and in bulk. If it’s a big party and you don’t know who roots for which team, just order a bunch of Brazil pairs! Send everyone home with sunglass flag swag.

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