Fall / Winter 2014: Essential Wardrobe Editions

It’s fall and winter, folks, which means muted colors and a whole lot of black. Throwing in exciting accessories or making a statement with adding a bold color piece takes an outfit and turns it into an ensemble. Here are some key pieces to add to your already stellar wardrobe to really kick up your look this coming season.

I am obsessed with this work dress, it’s perfect to pair with warm tights and makes for a perfect canvas to make a statement using a bright bag, pumps, or distinct belt. A basic cable knit is essential to keep warm and cozy, but why not pump it up with choosing a bold color? Red has always been a fall / winter color, but picking a blood red makes the sweater more of a statement than a carol.

Find all of these items at the following links: Victoria's Secret leggings, Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Topshop pleated maxi skirt

Find all of these items at the following links: Victoria’s Secret leggings, Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Topshop pleated maxi skirt

Ok, all of these bottoms are black. I try to look at them positively: no stains, match with anything, and make you look thinner. A winning trifecta if you ask me. Black jeans are great because you can get away with them at work (for the most part) and can be dressed up or dressed down. The same goes for the maxi skirt, it just adds a tad more formality and style to your look. For a much comfier weekend look? Dark leggings. Just make sure they aren’t see-thru. And with this kind of weather coming, the thicker the better!

Hopefully you already have a pair of comfy ballet flats, but if you don’t, I can’t suggest the Sam Edelman pair enough. They are super comfy and come in a ton of colors. Leather riding boots look great with the above jeans (and leggings on the weekend), and are pretty much as essential as flats for a fall wardrobe. Throw in a fun pair of pumps, I like the more eccentric colors given that fall is mostly muted, and your shoe game is officially ready for fall.

Ah, the fun stuff: accessories! Some of these are pricier than others, so enjoy accordingly (especially when it comes to purses). Otherwise, you can play around with any and all of these. It’s good to invest in a sturdy leather belt (one that could match your riding boots!) A lightweight scarf is essential for the upcoming seasons, so go color-happy with these guys! I like ones that are large enough to make into a small blanket for outdoor events and movie theaters. The cheapest and easiest way to have fun with your style? Going bold with a lip colors. They add a splash to any outfit and come at a reasonable price!

What do you think?