10 Geeky Wedding Themes And How To Tastefully Include Them In Your Big Day

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Everybody has a geeky side, and when you’ve found the right one, you probably share that side. It only makes sense that you might want to include your geekiness in your wedding, but you don’t want your big day to be taken over by your fandom. Here are 10 geeky obsessions and how to tastefully add to them into your wedding.

1. For the Sanrio Soul Mates:

hello kitty

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Hello Kitty is a super fun cat, but she’s also bright pink, which makes her a bit ostentatious in a big, white wedding. For the truly devoted, you may want to propose with a Hello Kitty ring or feed your guests with a big Hello Kitty cake.  But for the more subtle Sanrio lovers, you could include the pretty kitty in your bouquet or table arrangements, or with a tasteful cake topper. And if only the bride loves Hello Kitty? A cute garter or an adorable flask (which you’ll undoubtedly need) are perfect!

2. For The Star War-riors 

star wars

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Want to add a little subtle Star Wars to your big day? There are some super cute ways like having fun, themed invites, party favors, and even a fancy bow tie for your Jedi / husband. For the truest of fans, you can get matching Star Wars-themed rings and even a custom cake with a Death Star (a non-destroyed one, of course) on top. And if you’re a guest? Congratulate the newlyweds with a themed card!

3. For the Lord and Lady of The Rings:

lord of the rings

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The wedding puns for Lord of the Rings are just too easy. The famed novels and movies also make for a pretty tasteful big day when you consider all of the ethereal touches you can put on it (think Elves, not Goblins). My personal favorite is the groom’s cake, because it, in its nature, is supposed to add a little fun to the formalities of weddings. I am not a huge fan of seating signs, but this one is a cute nod to your favorite Hobbits without going over the top.

4. For the Hunger Gamers:

hunger games

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Adding The Hunger Games to your wedding isn’t all that hard, especially if you’re representing District 7. For an outdoor wedding, lots of wood and grass colors, and a little sprinkle of yellow, can perfectly reflect your Hunger Games obsession, without making your guests feel like they’re in Panem.

5. For the Whovians:


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These tiny details are the perfect touch for the girl who’s waited. I particularly like the way you can easily incorporate incorporate Dr. Who because the color scheme is already fantastic. The bouquet is the best though, they can be custom made with book pages in the shape of 12 big, beautiful roses. I guess when you find someone to travel to the end of time with, it’s definitely the right person for you.

6. For the Potter Heads:


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I won’t lie, of all of these fandoms, I definitely belong to the Harry Potter following. There’s so much you can do with HP because there are so many brilliant color palettes to choose from. You can also add simply touches that won’t overwhelm your guest, while still paying homage to your favorite wizarding world. Like the Dr. Who bouquet above, the Harry Potter version comes with your favorite pages from the books. You can even propose in a cute DIY way with the “Unbreakable Vow” chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 

7. For the Zelda-obsessed:


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Once you’ve found your very own Princess Zelda, it only makes sense that you would want to show your favorite game a little love. We all know that it’s dangerous to go alone, take these (without overwhelming your beautiful wedding with game memorabilia.)

8. For the new Mickey & Minny Mouse:

Everyone loves Disney, and there’s definitely a movie or character that everyone loves. But, it’s also a theme that can easily go way overboard, and the last thing you want to do is be out-shined by a mouse on your big day. A cute guest book is a great way to go, but for the super fans, a Disney-themed engagement ring could lead to your “happily ever after.”

9. For the Pokémon Partners:

Find all of these

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Ok, so obviously the cake is a little birthday-ish, but the rest is really cute. The groomsmen could have matching Pokéball cufflinks or bows, and for the biggest fans: tell your fiancée that you’re done trying to catch ’em all with that super cute (and surprisingly, really affordable) engagement ring.

10. For the White (not Red or Purple) Wedding:

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Now unless you’re planning on marrying Harry (like those idiotic girls on I Wanna Marry Harry), there’s probably no chance of having a truly royal wedding in your future. But, if you’re as big of a fan of Game of Thrones as I am, you’ll love these subtle pieces that include tasteful place cards, a fun flask, and adorable cufflinks (a great groomsman gift). And with a cake like that one, you’ll, without a doubt, be having the greatest wedding in the seven Kingdoms.

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