10 Houses That Will Transform The Way You Look At Architecture

Everyone dreams of their perfect home, what it will look like, how big, the style, etc. Instead of house shopping like us regular folks, these people decided to build their own dream homes. From the tiniest of homes to the largest, these 10 houses will make you want to draw up your own blueprints!

1. The Ambani House

Flickr: curbedSF

Flickr: curbedSF

This unbelievable cloud house is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion dollars, making it the most expensive home in the word. The 400,000-square-foot, 21-floor skyscraper residence is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic. The house features six underground parking levels, three helicopter pads, and requires over 600 staff members to run the home daily. I just want to know how often helicopters come that you need three pads.

2. Fallingwater

Fallingwater, or Kaufmann Residence, is one of the most famous houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built in 1953 in southwestern Pennsylvania over a waterfall on Bear Run. I love Wright, mostly because he’s built a bunch of homes in my suburb of Chicago, but this home in particular is famous for its spectacular beauty.

3. The McCarthy Warehouse

This unbelievably modern home was built in an industrial building in the Mission District of San Francisco. Built in the 1930s, this building was originally used as a Lucky Strike cigarette warehouse and later an auto repair shot. Clive McCarthy bought the building in 2006 to use as both a home and an art factory. Designed by Stanley Saitowitz, the home’s pieces are smooth a refined in order to provide stark contrast with the rustic original building.

4. The Swiss Army Knife House

This home is a mere 550 square feet, but the couple’s nomadic years working at various architectural studios led them to build this multipurpose space. They bought a once-derelict Chelsea co-op and used it as both a home and as a way to showcase their hide-and-seek aesthetic. They keep storage in the walls, use a murphy bed, and every furniture item is multi-purposed. The couple describe the home as a “Swiss Army Knife: a compact, well-designed, functional thing of beauty.” I can appreciate the use of space, but 550 square feet is way too close for comfort for me.

5. The Barud House

This five-story mansion in Jerusalem is virtually pressed into the mountain. Many of the walls are made of glass to showcase the mountainside. The small gap between the window and rock also allow ribbons of light inside. The residence of the house get another enormous payoff: the Barud house features panoramic views of the city below. I think I would still be deterred from fear of falling off the cliff.

6. Dupli.Casa

This house was built by J. Mayer Arquitectos and was finished in 2008. It’s located in Ludwigsburg, Germany. To keep its minimalism, the entire interior and exterior and white and black, which beautifully contrasts the green grass around it. The house includes an outdoor pool. To keep up its beautiful look, I feel like you’d really have to invest in a great lawn care company.

7. The Fitzroy Warehouse

Designed by Splinter Society Architecture, this warehouse was turned into a beautiful, modern, and environmentally-conscious  home. Located in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia, the home is built out of a discarded shell of an old warehouse. I love the open spaces and wide windows, but I bet they spend half their paychecks on Windex.

8. The Glass House

This seems like a home right out of paradise. Oh wait, it is. This glass house in Costa Rica has 3 bedrooms, 3 full and 2 half baths, a pool, a garage, and a heliport. At 5,900 sq. ft., this is the only available listing on the list of houses, so feel free to buy this glass beauty for a cool $2.4 million. I wonder if blinds come included.

9. The Scrap Metal House

Centered on 8 acres in Joplin, Missouri, this L-Shaped house, features perforated metal, steel, class, and concrete floors. Like many of the rooms, the bedroom and bathroom are completely open. I guess when you have 8 acres of space around you, you don’t have to worry about peeping toms. However, I hope you don’t read Thought Catalog after dark.

10. The Christmas Tree House

This crazy contraption of a house was built by architect Aibek Almasov as a peaceful retreat in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Instead of building a silly, old, regular treehouse, Almasov designed a four-story, cylindrical building wrapped around a single, giant pine. Most of the living space is at the bottom of the building, as during the year the branches spread of to more space that the top. I bet this place is quite festive during Christmas time.

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