9 Totally Accurate Simpsonized Celebrities

The Simpsons artists are notorious for converting real life celebs into their famous style of cartooning. At this point, given that the show has been going on for almost two decades, The Simpsons are hard pressed to stay relevant, and what better way to do so than include currently relevant celebrities. Here are nine famous celebs that played not only humorous versions of themselves, but poked a little fun at themselves with their episode’s story lines.

1. Larry King:

Larry King appears on an episode where Homer tries Fugu, a type of sushi made with potentially deadly blowfish. Homer, thinking that he is going to die, makes a bucket list of things he wants to accomplish before death. In a private moment he watches Larry King reading the Bible on TV. That sounds like a really quick way to die of boredom.

2. Bono Vox:

They really hit the nail on the self-important head with this one. In this episode, Homer interrupts a U2 concert and, subsequently, gets beaten up. He should have seen that coming given buff Bono’s “muscles.”

3. Lady Gaga

FOX / Flickr: drbethsnow

FOX / Flickr: drbethsnow

Lady Gaga’s appearance is just as appropriate as her personality in an episode where she happens to be passing through Springfield via train on her way to a concert. Like the real-life version, cartoon Gaga takes it upon herself to interject her way into people’s personal issues, trying to bring self-esteem awareness while looking absolutely ridiculous.

4. Dr. Phil

Everyone’s favorite (?) doctor appeared on the show in one of their famed “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episodes. Like the real-life Dr. Phil, the cartoon version attempts to cure Homer’s addiction for food. And, again, like the real-life Dr. Phil, he was relatively unsuccessful.

5. Conan O’Brien

Not only did Conan’s famed red hair appear on the episode, turns out the real-life Conan was a writer and producer of the show for some time. Bart ends up being on his talk show in one episode, where life imitates art that imitates life.

6. Elton John

This crooner appeared in a Valentine’s episode when Apu and Manjula get in a fight. He comes to Springfield under the guise of performing a concert for the two of them, but in reality he had to make an emergency landing because the chandelier on his private plane was malfunctioning. I knew Elton was fabulous, but not that fabulous!

7. Weird Al

Weird Al makes a guest appearance as, you guessed it, himself and brings his band along too. He plays a song called “Homer & Marge,” a parody of John Mellencamp’s “Jack & Diane.” The song is so-so, but I’ll always love Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy.”

8. Justin Bieber

In one of The Simpsons shortest and funniest appearances, Justin and his manager, the famed Scooter Braun, show up at a talent show for kids under the age of 10. He quickly gets denied because he is too old, but the show really made a play on the public’s view of Mr. Bieber. Before he appears on screen, they flash a screen reading “Thirty seconds to Justin Bieber. You may start or stop watching, according to your beliefs.” Following his appearance, another screen flashed, reading “All clear, The Simpsons will be Bieber-free from this point on.” BURN.

9. Michelle Obama

True to form, Michelle Obama makes her appearance on the show as both the wife of the president and a fighter for weak. She regularly follows Lisa’s organic gardening blog and when Lisa gets bullied at school for venting about the mean girls online, FLOTUS saves the say by coming to her defense via helicopter.

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