15 of the Most Expensive Indulgences of 2014

With the constant growth in technology and lifestyle, the rich and famous palates continue to need to be satiated. If you can afford to have the best of the best and are looking for the perfect gift for the person that literally has anything, this range of luxuries will be the perfect gifts for under their undoubtedly large tree — that is, for the ones that will fit.

1. The most expensive home on the market:

Images via zillow.com

Images via zillow.com

This amazing Upper East Side home in Manhattan, New York, is a generous 20,000 sq. ft. Basically it takes up the combined space of a thousand other apartments in NYC. The palatial home has 7 bedrooms, 10 and a half baths, a theater with a 12-foot screen, a large balcony, game room, bar, fitness room, sauna, and swimming pool. The location alone tells you that the home is only for the super wealthy, but just to be clear, the home is on the market for an unaffordable $160,171,155, the equivalent of 58,244,056 one-way NY subway tickets.

2. The ritziest ride:

Say hello to the elusive Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. As the priciest car of 2014, it comes with a lot of nice features: its top speed is 221 mph and can go from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. At $4.5 million, this car isn’t just expensive, there were only nine copies made. Good luck finding one, even if you can afford it.

3. The most extravagant instrument:

The big brother to the violin doesn’t always get that much cred, but the “Macdonald” Stradivarious viola came out on top this year. Created in 1719 by the one and only Antonio Stradivari, this 4-stringed beauty sold at Sotheby’s auction house this year to the tune of $45 million.

4. The priciest painting:

This beautiful panel of paintings by Sir Francis Bacon is titled “Three Studies of Lucian Freud.” Sold at Christie’s auction house, the panel cost a buyer $142.2 million. Not just any buyer though; billionaire co-founder of the Wynn Casino Empire, Christie Wynn. I guess, technically, she got three for the price of one.

5. This ridiculously expensive ring:

Sold to an unknown buyer at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Spring sale for a cool $7,338,462, this is the most expensive ruby to date. This 29.62-carat oval Burmese ruby and its diamond friends were mounted by Cartier. If I had a ring of that size and worth, I’d want to remain an unknown buyer as well.

6. The frilliest food:

Images via eater.com

Images via eater.com

Better hop on a plane, though I guess if you can afford this meal then you can do that. This $2,000 per person tasting menu is located at Sublimotion in Spain and created by chef Paco Roncero. It’s not just the food that you’re signing up for, the money goes to part of an experience that you can get at no other place. Upon entering, you are set in a state-of-the-art technology room with screens that constantly change views, sounds, music, and aromas with each individual tasting. Talk about having expensive taste.

7. This haute hotel room:

Images via yahoo.com

Images via yahoo.com

The Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is easily more expensive than a down payment on a house and definitely pricier than a luxury car. At $67,000 a night, this suite features a private elevator, 12 beds and baths complete with Hermès linens, a game room, gym, and cinema. Just think, you could sleep in the same bed as Rihanna, Bill Gates, and Bill Clinton. Though, there are 12 bedrooms, so choose wisely.

8. This outrageous outfit:

Cate Blanchett not only won an Oscar in 2014, she won the award for the most expensive outfit (jk, that’s not a category). Her Armani Privé gown alone was worth over $100,000. That, combined with her Chopard jewelry (earrings with 62 opals and a diamond bracelet and ring), her outfit rung it at $18,000,000. I wonder how many bodyguards walked the red carpet that night.

9. This posh purse:

Most people can’t even sneeze at a Hermès Birkin Bag. As the most sought after bag, very few are made and cost upwards of $100,000 depending on the color, condition, and rarity. Almost always, non-celebrities have to buy during auctions of gently-used Birkins. If you manage to find the unicorn (a real one at a consignment shop), you just won the lottery and the rest of the population hates you. The one above is the most expensive bag of 2014 at $200,000. It’s a Himalayan Nilo crocodile Hermès Birkin Bag with 18k white gold and diamond accents. It comes complete with 245 diamonds at a grand total of 8.2 carats. For that price you could buy seventeen 1-carat traditional Tiffany & Co engagement rings and still have money left over.

10. These swanky shoes:

Nick Cannon rocked some seriously shiny shoes on the America’s Got Talent season 9 finale, and they weren’t just any shoes. The Tom Ford classics were sent on over to jeweler Jason Arasheben to be coated in 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds to the tune of a total 340 carats. Nick was walking on cloud 9 that night, and by that I mean cloud 2,000,000 (dollars that is).

11. This big-ticked bed:

Say goodnight to 2014’s most expensive bed: the Baldacchino Supreme Bed. There have only be 2 made and they are hand-carved with an interior of 24-carat god and weighs over 200 lbs. Composed of chestnut and ash, with a fabric of Italian silk and cotton, the bed is customizable with diamonds of your choosing. Spending $6,300,000 on a bed?! How do you sleep at night?

12. This pricey pooch:

Every knows that dogs, like babies, are an expensive endeavor, but this red Tibetan mastiff barks to new heights. Big Splash was sold for $2,000,000 to an unknown buyer in China this spring. Big Splash stays big by only dining on beef, chicken, abalone, and sea cucumber. Apparently, there’s a giant market for one of this little guy’s future pups. Red Tibetan mastiffs are a big sign of wealth in eastern Asia (and at $2,000,000, it better be), partially because it’s said that both Genghis Khan and Buddha had this red fur balls of their own!

13. This costly and creepy doll:

This seems like the kind of doll you’d find out at a grandma’s yard sale. If you do, snatch it up because the one pictured above was sold for $400,000 at Bohams, Knightsbridge auction this year. The doll is valued so highly because of its rarity; it was designed by famed doll-makers Kämmer & Reinhardt. I have no idea who either of these two guys are, but apparently they make some pretty sweet dolls.

14. This gamers’ Holy Grail:

Ok, for someone that spends so much time on a computer, it’s pretty shameful to admit that I don’t understand a single thing about why this computer is so cool. At $13,000, Yoyotech’s XDNA Aurum 24K is specifically designed for high resolution gaming. It has custom acrylic plates, dual 480mm cooling system,  features Intel’s 4th generation i7 Ivy Bridge-E 4960X processor overclocked to 4.4GHz+ and 2X Asus Nvidia GTX TITANS, and, no, I have no idea what any of that means. 

15. This posh pocket watch:

Some say the watch makes the man, but what about the man that makes the watch? It took Patek Philipe 8 years to make this 24-carat-gold time piece known as the “Supercomplication.” It was originally made for an American financier in the 1930s, but sold at auction in Geneva this year for $21,017,029. With the average price of a Rolex watch being around $6,000, you could skip on the “Supercomplication” and just buy 3,502,838 of those instead.

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