15 Of The Most Expensive Indulgences Of 2015

The lifestyles of famous celebs pale in comparison to that of the ultra-rich. We’re talking billionaire bankers, international hedge fund managers, and people that have literally struck gold—or better yet, oil. Last year’s indulgences can’t hold a candle to this year’s—with technology changing daily, those that can afford the best of the best are ready and willing to wrap their diamond coated hands around these 15 Expensive Indulgences.

1. This High-priced House:

Presenting the Palazzo di Amore! A roof—and everything else under the sun—for the insane price of $149,000,000. If that’s too much, you could always rent the palatial estate for $475,000 a month. Here’s some of the perks:

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This home is absolutely insane—it has enough space to comfortably entertain 1,000 guests. That is, if the guests make it through the three separate gates to get there. The home’s 15,000 sq. ft. “entertainment” complex is the real draw: The ballroom with a revolving floor, a screening room that sits 50, a bowling alley, and a game room. The home also features garage parking for 27 cars. And if you have more? There’s 150 outdoor parking spaces, too! The best way to get into this outrageous home is obviously crowd-sourcing. Oh, and letting the crowd move in with you—there’s plenty of room!

2. This Costly Car:

Diamonds are a car’s best friend? The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita—there are only three in existence—is literally coated in them. The Swedish manufacturer developed a new finish called “the Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave,” which coats carbon fibers with diamond dust. After you regain consciousness from the price of just the paint job, the car also features a 4.8-liter, dual-supercharged V8. This diamond of a car has a total output of 1,004 horsepower. Oh, did I mention that it costs $4,800,000 and only three were made.
English jumping riders choose Thoroughbred and Arabian horses to best suit their needs of jumping and such. These horses (which can skyrocket in value depending on a specific animal) averages between $3,500—meaning you could get 367.5 more horsepower if you just bought the damn horses.

3. This Extravagant Artwork:

Back in May 2015, Christie’s Auction House had several bidders competing for the creme de la creme of artworks: Pablo Picasso’s Women of Algiers (Version O). With several bidders—or, more likely, several bidders’ numerous bankers—drove the winning bid to $160,000,000. Not only did the anonymous bidder get to take home a highly-saughtafter masterpiece, they also took how the title of the “most expensive auction sale in New York.” I hope they had a plaque made and hang it right next to the painting.

4. This Rare Ring:

The vivid “Blue Moon” diamond sold for $48.4 million and weighed a hefty 12.03 carats. Chinese billionaire Joseph Lau bought the ring for his 7-year-old daughter, Josephine, and promptly renamed the bauble “Sweet Josephine.”
Yes, a 7-year-old. The thing is, this new diamond isn’t the only one named after this man’s daughter. Back in 2009, when Josephine was a mere two years old, Lau purchased a blue diamond ring named “the Star of Josephine” for a cool $9,480,000.

5. This Pricey Piano:

If we’ve learned anything from ultra-rich it is that having a grand piano in your living room tells the world that you’re cultured—even if you can’t play it. Now, the black and white grands are great and everything, but in order to one-up the competition, a private bidder purchased a 9-foot crystal piano that was played during the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 by renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Did I mention that this amazing instrument, known as The Heintzman Crystal Piano was purchased to the tune of $3,220,000?

6. This Flamboyant Floater:

At 468ft in length and masts nearing 300ft high, ‘Sailing Yacht A’ is officially the world’s biggest superyacht. Built for Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, the simply named “Yacht A” has a hull made of steal, a teak-finish deck, and an underwater observation room. Melnichenko purchased this superyacht for $392,431,000 to replace his previous mega yacht—a pathetic $285,942,400. With an estimated network of $9,000,000,000, Melnichenko is really making me consider entering the fertilizer business.

7. This Lavish Nail Lacquer:

Jewellery couturier Azature produced a nail polish that is infused with 267 carats of black diamonds. It costs $250,000 per bottle. Think of how many mouths that could feed! Or homeless people it could shelter! Or kids it could send to college!
Luckily, there’s a department store version that costs $25—which is still 3x the average of $8 dollars. In case you don’t want to do the math, the Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish is 10,000 times the company’s department store version and a whopping 31,250 more than you average nail polish.

8. This Rare Timepiece:

This $30 million pocket watch—known as the Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette—was commissioned by a supposed lover of the French queen Marie Antoinette. Abraham-Louis Breguet began building the watch in 1782, but the beautiful clock was completed 34 years after the glutinous royal literally lost her head. Given Marie Antoinette’s love of all things expensive and over-the-top, it’s pretty safe to say that she’d be impressed with this intricate sapphire and gold timepiece.

9. This First-Rate Fragrance:

The Royalé Dream, the most expensive perfume collection ever created, was unveiled during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend festivities on September 19 and 20. The diamond-encrusted perfume creation, The Royalé Dream, was created by World Of Diamonds, one of the world’s largest privately held diamond corporations, in partnership with Cuarzo The Circle, a leading Spanish perfume house.
The collection, which debuted on September 19th, 2015 at the Amber Lounge in Singapore at an ultra-exclusive F1 event, is comprised of a palladium-plated, lambskin-lined ostrich egg designed to hold one of three artfully adorned perfume bottles, as well as a lambskin pillow fitted with a blue diamond ring (included in the collection.)

10. These Swanky Shoes:

In honor of arguably the most famous pair of shoes to grace the silver screen, Harry Winston designed the official replica pair of red magic shoes worn by non other than Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz. In order to stand out from the competitors, Winston’s $3 million shoes boast a grand total of 4,600 rubies (1,350 carats-worth) and over 50 carats worth of diamonds—in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the famous film. If I were Dorothy, I’d rather stay in those fancy footwear than go back to Kansas.

11. This Ritzy Room:

The sky’s the limit in Sin City, so you might as well stay in a hotel room that reflects that. If you’re already a millionaire or just so happen to strike gold at the craps table, you can stay at the most expensive room available: The Sky Villa at the Palms for a cool $35,000.

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The 9,000 sq. ft., two-story villa comes with a private glass elevator, 24-hour butler service, and your very own indoor infinity pool that hangs off the edge of the penthouse and overlooks the Strip. There just so happens to be massage, sauna, and fitness rooms, because everyone goes to Vegas for their health, right?

12. This Absurd Apartment:

With one bedroom apartments starting at roughly $7 million; the five-floor penthouse is speculated to cost as much as $387 million!

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Designed by architect Alexandre Gerald, the Odeon is overlooking the Monaco coastline, the five-floor Sky Penthouse will boast an incredible water slide that extends from an upper dance floor down to a circular infinity pool. The buzzed-about mega penthouse will span 35,000 square feet across five floors with staff quarters, a wine ‘cellar’ and reportedly a waterslide to a private infinity pool. It is expected to become the world’s most expensive apartment when it finds a wealthy buyer. If this stunning display of tax-sheltered wealth and its crazy rooftop slide isn’t enough to make your jaw drop, chew on this: at $330,000, a single parking space at the Tour Odeon costs more than the median American home!

13. The Top-Of-The-Line Tropical Fish:

Call me naive, but before I started this list I had no idea that fish could be so expensive and so highly sought-after. If you have $100,000 floating around that you want to spend on something else that floats around, head over to Taiwan to pick up the Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray. Because of its rare genetic mutation, the fish need to be fed by hand to survive. I’m guessing if you can afford the fish, you can probably afford a fish butler.

14. This Beautiful Bathtub:

Caijou—a rare gemstone used by ancient civilizations because its believed healing properties is so rare that the source of it is still a secret. Naturally, when Simon Krapf got his hands on 10 tons of the stuff, he immediately thought: Bathtub! Krapf, along with his team of stonemasons, carved out the giant gem into the shape of an Indonesian Canoe. The buyer, who chose to remain anonymous, purchased the “Le Grand Queen” at the Dubai International Jewelry festival for $1.7 million.

15. This Bizarre Baseball Card:

Honus “The Flying Dutchman” Wagner played for the Pittsburg Pirates for 21 seasons. Considered one of the best shortstops of all time, Wagner set a league record of 3,420 hits, 1,739 runs, and 723 stolen bases before retiring in 1917. It’s estimated that only 60-70 different examples of the Honus Wagner card exist, hence why it sold this past April for $1,300,000 online.

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