The 10 Most Heartwarming Commercials Of 2014

On average, a person spends 2 years watching commercials. Most of them involve weird jingles, obnoxious ads for things you could ever possibly need, or online schools trying to convince you that you can get a degree in 3 days with kids and a full-time job. Every once in a blue moon there is a commercial that makes you think, reflect, and, especially these ten cases, cry. Break out the tissues!

1. Thai Life Insurance’s “Unsung Heroes”

This video was produced by the Thai Life Insurance company, a Bangkok-based group that has found success on the web with long form, emotionally driven messages like this one and many you’ll see below.

In the three-minute video, a young man is seen performing some random acts of kindness in his community. He helps an elderly street vendor get her cart over a high curb, shares his lunch with a homeless dog, donates whatever is in his wallet to a girl begging for school money, and secretly hangs bananas from his neighbor’s door. One would this that this would not pay off for him, but watch and see.

2. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

Aside from the amazing song in the background (“Let Her Go” by Passenger), this commercial is exactly what you’d expect from any self-respecting beer commercial, tugs and tugs on heart-strings. This commercial mixes the adorableness of puppies with the majesty of clydesdales into the perfect, heart-warming story love (and I guess beer too?)

3. A Chinese liquor company’s “Chopsticks”

Nothing brings family together like food. I like this one particularly because it includes all types of families, as well as the subtle gesture that offering a simple meal to a stranger and friend that can changed their day and you entire relationship with them. What warms the stomach warms the heart.

4. A Thai mobile company’s “Giving is the Best Communication”

This commercial is the definition of karma. Not just that, but the universe’s way of things coming full circle, especially when you do something out of the kindness of your heart. When you don’t expect anything in return, you usually get exactly what you need. Ten fold.

5. Guinness’ “The Empty Chair”

Nothing jerks the tears for me quite like commercials that involve those who serve. This commercial highlights the families, though. The pain of waiting, the loneliness, and the patience and hopefulness of when a loved one comes home. If there is anyone to raise your glass to, it’s a veteran, so when given the chance, always do so.

6. Honey Maid’s “Love”

This is the first time that I have seen a company make a commercial in response to a commercial that they already made entitled, “This Is Wholesome.” Their original commercial focused on families, and not the stereotypical blonde hair, blue eyed, four member family. They showcased gay couples, adoptive families, single parents, and interracial families, which, sadly, some people find to be inappropriate for television. There were many that vocalized their “disappointment” in Honey Maid’s choice, but the company took it in stride, responding with a heartfelt video that told the haters exactly how much their opinions matter to them.

7. Chevy’s “Life”

This commercial was made specifically to highlight a certain type of heroes, the brave women that fight against breast cancer. Everyone knows that long drives are a chance to get your thoughts together and spend quality time with your co-captain, and Chevy highlights that. Not all the roads we take require a car, especially the road to recovery.

8. Budweiser’s “#FriendsAreWaiting”

It’s always interesting to me when alcohol companies dedicate their money (a lot of money) and time to commercials to remind people to drink safely. Dogs get to everyone (and if they don’t get to you, go find your soul, it got away), and this commercial is no different. It’s the simple reminder that someone or something is depending on you, so don’t only drink safely for you, drink safely for them.

9. Chevy’s “Maddie”

Ok, back to dogs. Everyone knows that they are a woman’s best friend, and that’s exactly what is highlighted in this video. Throughout the commercial, we follow Maddie and her owner’s relationship through life, experiencing the ups and downs together, reminding all of us that we need someone for life’s journeys.

10. Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome”

Like I said, I love commercials about soldiers. This commercial is so beautiful. Though it’s not possible to offer this sort of homecoming to any and all soldiers, it’s important for them to know that they all deserve this and more. So much more.

What do you think?