While completing the BuzzFeed Editorial Fellowship, I was trained in creating unique, highly-shareable articles. I was encouraged to explore a variety of topics and ideas, and find my own writing voice. Here are some highlights of the work I created during my time at BuzzFeed.

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At a glance:

My top performing post:

My first solo article was also my best performing. For this article, I not only enhanced-buzz-wide-16312-1390848405-43researched each and every drink I provided, I designed every photo, including the large thumb image of the each drink on each state. “What’s Your State’s Signature Cocktail?” garnered more than 1,000,000 views in less than four days.

This post, which continues to draw in millions of readers, can be found at 

My top performing quiz:

enhanced-8457-1393479708-15I wrote many quizzes while at BuzzFeed and each had a very positive response of comments and shares. I purposely timed the release of each quiz to match either upcoming events or current hot topics. Before the premiere of Season 4 of Modern Family, I created my “Which Modern Family Member Are You?” quiz, which garnered more than 861,196 views in its first 72 hours.

Not only did fans of the show love the quiz, the cast members, including Sarah Hyland, Ty Burrell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, took the quiz and shared their results on their personal social media pages.

My top performing music post:

which-boy-band-member-is-your-soulmate-1-9727-1393619482-2_wideMy music post with the highest engagement happened to be a quiz, “Which Boy Band Member Is Your Soulmate?”, but a close second is my “Ranking Of 16 Iconic Boy Band Dances.” Both pieces received extra social reach as a result of Lance Bass of NSYNC and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block, respectively, posting the pieces.

Fun fact: Lance Bass’ result for the “Which Boyband Member Is Your Soulmate?” quiz was himself!

Travel posts:


Jesse Tyler Ferguson / Ty Burrell / Sarah Hyland

Wanderlust posts are easily my favorite to research. Having traveled to Germany on many occasions to visit family, I really enjoyed showcasing the palaces in my post of “18 German Castles That Put Disney To Shame,” which also happened to be my top performing travel post.

A few of my other noteworthy travel articles: 

Historical posts:


Because my always enjoyed telling me and my sisters stories about Winston Churchill, my article about his best quotes was a nod to my dad. This post was also my first time trying to—and successfully—reach a new audience—Europeans.

Read my history post, “17 Times Winston Churchill Proved He Was The Prime Minister Of Burns,” on

Other noteworthy history articles:


Spotlight posts:


While at BuzzFeed, I created many articles spotlighting bands and famous celebrities. My first post, “If Your Favorite Literary Icons Had Dating Profiles,” spurred me to teach myself Photoshop. The piece, which I co-wrote with another Editorial Fellow, featured custom artwork and design to better present famous historical figures. This post, while not my top-performing, is a prime example of how much I value user experience. Instead of simply writing descriptions that might appear on dating profiles, I crafted each piece in a different dating app style—each reflecting similar designs to some of the most popular dating sites.

Fun fact: My Shakespeare graphic  is written in iambic pentameter!

A few of my other noteworthy spotlight articles: 

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