My Daily Lie

My Daily Lie is one of my absolute favorite cartoons on the internet. The Oatmeal has many hilarious cartoons, particularly because of their simple, yet expressive, style of drawings. All of the “daily lies” that the post features are totally accurate and, for whatever reason, I find the little cartoon guy’s face to be absolutely amazing.


updatesThis is truly how everyone reacts to when their Mac suggests updates. Even more so when Microsoft Word tells you it needs updates. If you’re anything like me, I use Word maybe twice a year, so updating it and having to restart my computer? I don’t think so. I don’t care if it’s marked “critical.” That just means “optional.”


Everyone had moments like this as a child. Maybe not with a soldering iron, but definitely with things like accidents or staring at people when you don’t understand what they’re doing. Later in life you usually wish you hadn’t looked or you actually finally make sense of it, but to your mom’s best knowledge, you shielded your eyes.

flossOk, when people say they floss everyday I either don’t believe them or wish that I was more like them. Whenever I go to the dentist they always ask me how frequently I floss. I always say, “not often enough,” which in my case means never, but technically I am not lying and they can’t prove a thing… until next visit that is.

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