5 Over The Top American Costumes That Have Appeared at Miss Universe

My favorite part of any pageant is either the talent portion or, in this case, the costume portion. Miss Universe contestants choose their costumes on their respective nationalities and, as you can imagine, people have gotten more creative over the years. Let’s take a look back at the most recent past 5 American contestants and their patriotic apparel.

Kristen Dalton won Miss USA in 2009 and represented the United States in Miss Universe that same year. She placed in the Top 10. If the name “Dalton” rings a bell, it’s because her younger sister, Kenzie Dalton, was engaged to Chad Michael Murray for 7 years. For Kristin’s costume, she payed homage to her home state of North Carolina by dressing in a NASCAR outfit.

Not only did she rock a (sexy version) of racing suit, Sam Bass, an officially licensed artist of NASCAR, designed her red, white, and blue helmet. After the pageant, she dated Reid Rosenthal, who appeared on the fifth season of the Bachelorette. She also played on the game show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? I don’t have the results, but I could hazard a guess.

Hailing from Michigan, Rima represented Miss USA in the 2010 competition. The costume she chose was inspired by the Seal of the President of the United States in tribute to Barack Obama. She actually drew the design herself, and then worked with Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show designed Martin Izquierdo to come up with the final creation.

You can clearly see the “Victoria’s Secret” style in her outfit, it looks like it just walked off their famous fashion show runway. No word yet on how Obama feels about the dedication. Post-Miss Universe, Fakih trained to be a professional wrestler in WWE to become a WWE Diva. She competed on the fifth season of WWE’s Tough Enough competition, but was eliminated from the show on the fourth episode. I don’t know if there could be a more polar opposite from Miss Universe than a WWE Diva.

Alyssa Campanella’s costume is actually my favorite that I have seen from Miss USA, mostly because of how creative – and surprising – it was. She walks on stage in a sexy version of Paul Revere (who knew that was possible), complete with epaulets, blue ribbons, and oh, that glorious hat.

But suddenly, Alyssa opens her arms and all of the sudden, Ole Glory spans out behind her. The sexy Paul Revere outfit was already pretty cool, but that added effect is nothing short of EPIC. She finished in the Top 16, but she was easily #1 in my book. After the competition, she participated as one of the eight celebrities on the reality series Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off in 2012. She currently runs a food, fashion, and travel blog called Jumpers & Jasmine. Since she’s covering fashion anyways, I don’t think it would kill her to tell us all how to make that amazing outfit.

On December 19, 2012 Olivia Culpo, representing Miss USA, finally brought the coveted Miss Universe crown back to the United States after 15 years. Her costume was not as original as some of the others worn and, honestly, I can’t believe that someone hadn’t worn it before, but you can’t really go wrong going as the original Miss America, none other than the Statue of Liberty.

Nothing screams “America The Beautiful” quite like this dress. Instead of going sexy, Olivia rocked an ethereal gown with a red, white, and blue undercarriage. She went full-out with a giant torch, diadem-shaped crown, and mesh wings covered in fanfare. Since then, Olivia has not spent much time in the limelight, but she has been the arm candy of someone that is: Nick Jonas. The two have been dating for years and celebrity gossip sites are predicting a proposal this Valentine’s Day. She may be going from arm candy to fiancée in just a few weeks!

Erin Brady was a great participant and made it into the Top 10 representing the US in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant. Many of the above women chose costumes based on their home state or just a pure representation of the America spirit, but not Erin Brady. No, not Erin Brady. There’s really no explanation that I can think of as to why she chose her costume, which was a disturbing interpretation of what I can only compare to the Michael Bay franchise Transformers. 

For someone so beautiful, why would Erin wear this travesty of an outfit. She wore a sparkly bodysuit underneath (which, honestly, she would have been better off wearing alone) a strange robo-woman getup. The only thing stranger than her outfit is that she was engaged to Steven Tyler, yes that Steven Tyler, for quite some time before breaking up in early 2014. Oh, and Erin loves flamingos. She collects anything “flamingo” from plungers to staplers. Her dream is to own a real flamingo one day. I hope she knows that she has to feed it the right diet or it will lose its pink color. So, yeah, everything about her is a little strange.

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