18 Songs That Inspired The Best Dance Crazes Countdown

Over the past few decades, both our ears and our feet have been blessed with songs that inspired fun, complicated, and sometimes, really ridiculous dance moves. These routines are ranked from the most basic to the almost impossible. Here’s the top 18 countdown of songs that inspired awesome dance moves!

18. “1, 2 Step” by Ciara ft. Missy Elliot

Ciara’s 2004 hit starts off the list because it is just about as simple as it gets. Literally: 1, 2 step. Don’t be fooled though. It may seem exceptionally easy, but Ciara will always be a way better dancer than you’ll ever be.

17. “Gangnam Style” by Psy

If you have never ridden a horse, this dance gives you a little taste of what it’s like. There’s even a sweet lasso move that gets thrown in at the end. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re lying. Just about every single world leader has danced this number. So many, in fact, that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon hailed the song as “a force of world peace.” And no, that’s not a joke.

16. “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid

This popular new line dance has a lot in common with “The Cha Cha Slide.” Aside from having very simple steps, just about everyone knows this fan favorite. The most hilarious thing about Cupid (what an aptly named song amiright?) is that he auditioned with the song on The Voice in 2012 and none of the judges selected him, not a one.

15. “It’s Goin’ Down” by Yung Joc

I love this move. This entire song is about a potential fight, where Yung Joc will meet you, literally anywhere, and throw down. It would be a much more credible threat if he wasn’t surrounded by all his friends and wasn’t moving as if he was revving a motorcycle. Maybe he’s actually offering you a ride to wherever it’s “going down.”

14. “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District

This song takes its roots from the Dougie dance, which started in Dallas. It’s nice that someone decided to introduce that to the whole world, but the moves aren’t that complicated. A lot of the song is a girl asking for them to “teach her how to Dougie.” You think they’d tell her the first time instead of dragging it out for 4 minutes.

13. “Stanky Legg” by GS Boyz

This number that got released in 2008 combines other dances like “Booty Dew” and “Dougie.” This dance is really hard, you’ve got to get a really strong base going to maintain balance. The best part of it though is that during FIFA in 2009, USA forwards used this dance as their goal celebration. GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!

12. “Walk It Out” by Unk

“Walk It Out” is a super fun dance. It leaves a lot of room for custom flavor, as long as you’ve got the quick leg moves down. This is not a song for those that are directionally challenged, though. No one wants to be the be in the wrong place when Unk commands, “East side walk it out!”

11. “Pop, Lock, And Drop It” by Huey

I love this song because the directions are right in name. Make sure everything is tight and the moves are crisp, then just drop it like it’s hot! Interestingly, it’s hotly debated what this song is actually referring to. Some say it’s slang for the process of firing a handgun. I am going to stick with it being a fun dance.

10. “Toot It And Boot It” by YG

Just when you thought guys had come up with all of the ways to say “hit it and quit it,” YG came out with this little number. The dance moves are pretty ridic as you can see, but the full music video is hilarious. There is literally a revolving door of girls hooking up with YG, all while at, what seems like, a high school graduation.

9. “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)” by Soulja Boy

This song is hilarious for many reasons. If you don’t know the dance routine, I don’t know you. I still haven’t figured out what “Superman dat ho” means, but I do love that he chose to wear and outfit for his official music video that needed to be blurred out. This song was up for a Grammy for “Best Rap Song” in 2007, but lost to Kanye’s “Good Life.” Soulja Boy was clearly robbed.

8. “You’re A Jerk” by New Boyz

love the New Boyz. They are so young and so, so funny. This move isn’t that complicated but as you can see, it puts a lot of strain on your knees. I wouldn’t suggest it for the over 45 crowd. Every hit by New Boyz has something to do with both how epic they are and how they would make absolutely terrible boyfriends.

7. “Chicken Noodle Soup” by DJ Webstar ft. Young B.

This dance move that originated in Harlem has been affiliated with many songs. Developed from dances like “Harlem Shake” and the “Toe Wop,” it’s a pretty basic dance that includes exaggerated arm swinging, shuffling, and a pantomime to the songs words. The guy in this GIF has some serious moves. I know I don’t look that good when I “let it rain and clear it out.”

6. “The Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper

Now these moves are as simple as it gets. It moves up the list because it’s 1. so iconic and 2. is from Chicago. If you haven’t heard this song, you haven’t been to a wedding, a middle school dance, a high school dance, or a bar mitzvah. One hop this time!

5. “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” by Beyoncé

This song is not only one of the best songs ever, but the dance is phenomenal. So phenomenal, in fact, that Kanye West thought of someone other than himself for a change and made the greatest MTV Music Award moment of all time defending here. Beyoncé had the last laugh though, this song was released a full four months after Jay-Z really did put a ring on it.

4. “Let’s Get It” by G. Dep

Now this is the real “Harlem Shake.” The move originated in 1981, a full 30 years before Bauuer dropped his hit song, by Harlem native AIB. Now if only those ridiculous stupid flashmobs could actually dance like this instead of moving in a seizure-like fashion, those videos would be much more enjoyable.

3. “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer

It’s undeniable how amazing (and hilarious) MC Hammer’s dancing is. The incredible speed of his wiggles is only outmatched by his fancy pants. It’s safe to say that no one can touch his dance moves, so we should all stop! Hammer time!

2. “Macarena” by Los del Río

This was the first dance routine I learned as a kid. What’s funny is that there are no actual directions and the song is entirely in Spanish. What’s even funnier, the song was so popular in 1996 that it became the unofficial song of that year’s Democratic National Convention because it was played so often at the different events.

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson

What will always be iconic? MICHAEL JACKSON! Coming in at #1 is none other than “Thriller.” The video was adapted by the director of American Werewolf in London and clearly brings the spoOoOoOoky factor. Even 30 years after it was released, Thriller night is still every night!

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