9 Strange Budweiser Celebrity Endorsements That Will Make You Feel A Little Tipsy

Budweiser is famous for its amazing commercials and relatively mediocre beer. Personally, I prefer their adorable commercials involving puppies and Clydesdale horses, but they’re also know for recruiting tons of celebrities to rep their beer. Anheuser Busch has, aside from a bajillion dollars, a bunch of celebrity endorsers, 9 of which are listed blow. Drink up!

1. Avicii 

Budweiser has enlisted a bunch of DJs to appear in their commercials, obviously capitalizing on the continuously growing EDM bubble. Avicii makes an appearance, albeit brief, in a Bud Light Platinum commercial in 2012. Given how popular Levels was in 2012, you’d think they’d give Avicii a little more attention in the shot.

Watch the full commercial here.

2. Pitbull

Mr. Worldwide turns into Mr. Bud Light in this dizzying commercial. He appeared in a few commercials for Budweiser over the course of 2012, but they weren’t all that different. They all basically had Pitbull drinking with hot girls while periodically shouting “Dale!”

Watch the full commercial here.

3. Carlos Mencia 

This commercial was Budweiser’s choice for one of their many ads during Super Bowl XLI. All of them involve “comedian” Carlos Mencia teaching an English class for non-native speakers. Aside from the commercials being just a tad bit insensitive, they weren’t all that funny either.

Watch the full commercial here.

4. Justin Timberlake

With the unveiling of Bud Light Platinum (not totally sure what the difference is), it makes sense that Budweiser would choose one of the most relevant celebrities of 2013. Making a whopping one second appearance, JT awkwardly dances solo in a club to his hit “Take Back The Night.”

5. Zedd

Ringing in 2014, Bud Light Platinum featured a party with Grammy award winner Zedd on the decks. Blasting his hit “Find You,” the voiceover encourages drinkers to “turn up their nights” with Bud Light. Nowhere in the commercial does Zedd drink an actual beer, but the light beer-shaped lights on his computer are pretty cute.

Watch the full commercial here.

6. Anderson Silva & Steven Segal

In this awkward commercial to promote Budweiser’s involvement in UFC in 2012, Anderson Silva trains in physical tests involving beers to have a final showdown with Steven Segal in a saloon. This commercial comes complete with awkward slow-mo and no real explanation as to why Steven Segal is relevant. Oh, and they don’t even fight, they just get weirdly close to each other.

Watch the full commercial here.

7. Will Ferrell

In 2008, Bud Light and Will Ferrell decided the best way to promote his movie was to do commercials with his Semi Pro character. Basically Will Ferrell can’t get his lines straight and keeps getting cut by the director. Hopefully your Bud Light isn’t as flat as the movie turned out to be.

Watch the full commercial here.

8. Steve Aoki

In Bud Light’s new 2014 roll out, the DJ appearances just keep coming and coming. After the Zedd commercial, another popped up featuring Steve Aoki. Autoerotique, Deorro, and Uberjak’d make an appearance in the same commercial, making it 30-second DJ battle. I would not have known the other three DJs were in the commercial had I not looked it up. Sorry, but none are as distinguishable as Steve Aoki and his hair. Now where’s the cake?

Watch the full commercial here.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bud Light truly pulled out all the stops for their recent Super Bowl XLVIII commercial. Along with Aaaaaahnold’s appearance as a super intense ping-pong player, one lucky guy takes a limo ride with Reggie Watts providing the tunes, gets dressed by Minka Kelly, runs into Don Cheadle (with a llama no less) in an elevator, on the way to a private One Republic show. The guy involved had no idea that he was going to be taken on this adventure; he just showed up to what he thought was a blind date. I want to know which friend hooked him up with all that, and, more importantly, if they’ll be my friend too.

Watch the full commercial here. 

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