10 Best Music Videos of 2014

This past year we've seen great music comebacks, brilliant newcomers, and consistent hit makers. Everyone knows that it takes more than just one person to make a chart-topping song. You need a songwriter, a singer, a band, a recording studio, the list goes on and on. When it comes to music videos, we expect them to be the same caliber as the song itself, some flatline while other blow our minds. Here are the top 10 videos of 2014!

The Top 5 Guest Appearances At Coachella

Every year, people lose their minds when the Coachella lineup is released. And rightfully so, I have been six times and have never been disappointed. The festival is so guaranteed to be amazing that me, and thousands of others, buy our tickets for the upcoming year lineup unseen. One of the best parts of the festival is that no matter who is listed on the roster, there are always unbelievably cool surprise guest appearances. Here are my top 5 best appearances!