The GRAMMY Awards

I attended the 2015 GRAMMY Awards, where I reported live on site, provided behind-the-scenes coverage, and supplemental articles about the Biggest Night In Music. Similarly, in 2016, I created fun articles in advance to ramp up excitement for the awards show, created original and compelling artwork, reported the event live, and provided post-show coverage.

The 2016 GRAMMY Awards

I attended the 2015 GRAMMY Awards, where I reported live on site, provided behind-the-scenes coverage, and supplemental articles about the Biggest Night In Music. In 2016, I created many of the blake-shelton-to-dr-dre-thumbarticles released before the event to increase excitement amongst fans. One my most innovative articles, “Six Degrees of Collaboration: Blake Shelton to Dr. Dre,” linked two nominated artists from very different genres to each other via other artists they’ve worked with. I also created the creative custom artwork for the piece. As I describe in the piece, “While on the surface, some of the musicians couldn’t be more different, don’t let their differences fool you. What sets musicians apart sometimes brings them together.”

In order to present information about the artists nominated for the coveted Song of the Year GRAMMY Award in a new, innovative way, I

© HotShotsWorldwide/Corbis

© HotShotsWorldwide/Corbis

combined lines from each of the songs with pictures of adorable baby animals. In my article, “GRAMMY 2016 Song Of The Year Lyrics, As Explained By Baby Animals,” I featured three lines from each of the five nominated songs and paired them with an appropriate—and obscenely adorable—animal, while matching the artists’ graphic styles.


In order to provide fans with surprising and interesting facts about grammy-winners-thumbthe awards show, I created the evergreen post, “You Won’t Believe Who’s Won The Most GRAMMYs Ever.” Not only did fans love the post, it provided more background of the show. For this piece, I researched the artists, composed a short bio of each one, and created the custom artwork. See the article for yourself—the winner may really surprise you.

As one of the most talked about stars of 2015, I chose to highlight Taylor Swift before the show. As a huge fan of Swift, I thoroughly

© Splash News / Splash News / Corbis

© Splash News / Splash News / Corbis

enjoyed putting together both pieces. One piece, “Taylor Swift’s GRAMMY Red Carpet Evolution,” focused on her red carpet fashion over the years. Much like the pop princess’ ever-evolving career, Swift’s fashion has taken some seriously dramatic fashion turns over the years.

Swift was nominated for a slew of awards this year and it’s safe to taylor-thumbsay that the blonde bombshell swept away the competition. Before the show, I highlighted her newest album, 1989, which became an overnight sensation. The album, which was won the Album of the Year Award, was the first time in the history of the GAMMY Awards that a female artist has won twice. Before the show, I highlighted a few of the many reasons for the singer’s continuous success in “How Did Taylor Swift Turn 2015 Into 1989?”


In order to tie in some of CBS’ most popular shows to expand the reach of the GRAMMY Awards to our many audiences, I created a grammy-lyric-quiz-thumbquiz, “Who Said It? GRAMMY-Nominated Lyric Or Line From Your Favorite CBS Show,” for fans to test both their knowledge of music and their favorite characters. Because of the diversity of programs I featured, the social team was able to promote the piece across many channels, leveraging our already-existing audience to draw more eyeballs to the Biggest Night in Music.


After the show, I highlighted some of the best moments from grammy-2016-taylor-swift-performancethe 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards performances in my post, “2016 GRAMMY Performances: All The Moments That Left Us Breathless.” Fans loved this post because it not only provided snippets of the best moments from the show for fans that may have missed it, it allowed fans that did see the show to relive the greatest parts of the night.