The Amazing Detail Behind Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters’ Costumes

It’s safe to say that the ladies of Game of Thrones have impeccable style, but what exactly goes into these amazing looks? A closer look at the detailing done by head costume designer Michele Clapton tells a story all its own and each character’s costume is designed specifically to fit their personality, display their family Sigil, and tie in specifically to the current position of the character. Here are famous costumes behind 5 of Game of Thrones leading ladies with their explanation from the mind behind the designs.

Catelyn Stark’s collar:

The characters from The North all feature muddy, dark clothing, but a keen eye can see just how detailed Catelyn Stark’s collar is. While she married in to the House Stark, she represents her original house, House Tully, in her ornate collar. The two-layered piece features fishes swimming through dark waves.

Margaery’s wedding dress:

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HBO / Via & Flickr: fridator

According to Michele, this dress is so ornate that it took 6 weeks to complete. All of the roses were hand-rolled and hand-stitched and the thorns were each hand-made in leather. Like the House Tyrell Sigil, a rose, the dress represents a creeping briar rose, a combination of beauty and danger. It is most prominently represented on Joffrey’s wedding crown (albeit for the short time he got to wear it), which features stag horns ( a nod to his house, House Baratheon) wrapped in budding briar roses, to represent Margaery’s creeping influence.

Daenerys’ blue dress:

According to head designer Michele, she included very specific details for Daenerys’ dress. To create the dragonscale texture, she applied smock pieces to the shoulders and wove in pieces of Italian tubular mesh wiring. The importance of color is not lost in these pieces. Blue, a color synonymous with motherhood, becomes a permanent feature on Daenerys. The blue represents her motherhood to her dragons and her commitment to the slaves she frees throughout season 3 as she takes them under her wings.

Cersei Lannister’s blue dress:

Throughout the third season of Game of Thrones, we see Cersei almost entirely in red. In season 2, however, we see her in an entirely different light, wearing a pale blue kimono embroidered with hummingbirds. This dress is meant as a reflection of her position, a caged bird wishing to fly free, but forced to be perched happily at her husband’s side.

Sansa Stark’s wedding dress:

The details in Sansa’s wedding dress truly tell the tale of her depressing life. The complex embroidery starts at her lower back, describing her life from Stark to Lannister. At the lower back, you can see the House Tully Fish and the Stark House Direwolf entwined, but as you look to the front you see the House Lannister Lion dominating the Direwolf. A Lion’s head is also stamped at the back of her neck, symbolizing the mark of ownership that the Lannisters have over her.

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