The Good Wife


One of my largest undertakings while working at CBS was being the editorial lead and creative content producer for The Good Wife. As the series wrapped, I was responsible with content creation to celebrate the exceptional program.providing fun articles, generating ideas and composing storyboards for short films, highlighting the stars and guest stars of the series, writing in-depth binge guides for all seven seasons, and helping other departments, including the social team, video team, and the network, bring this tremendous series to a close.

Highlighting the cast:

Because The Good Wife featured so many unforgettable guest stars with such

Michael J. Fox as Lawyer Louis Canning

Michael J. Fox as Lawyer Louis Canning

incredible personalities, I highlighted some of the best appearances from all seven seasons. Not only did I include short bios of each actor and their respective character, I provided links to the full episodes that each appeared in.

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Similarly, I chose to highlight some of the show’s most notorious judges. 100121_0402bFans loved the variety of personalities and the attention to detail I provided about each one, including inside jokes and episodes in which you can find them.

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Producing exclusive original videos:

While working on the finale rollout plan, I produced short, fan-oriented mashup videos of some of the best moments over the series. Of the three videos I helped create, I was most the_good_wife_bts_kings_1involved in “Alicia and Will Forever: A Love Story.” Along with highlighting the appropriate scenes, I selected the best moments, pulled the most poignant quotes, and storyboarded the entire video from start to finish.

Capitalizing on the current trend of video consumption and the transition from desktop to mobile, the three shorts I helped create (“Alicia and Will Forever: A Love Story,” “Do You Remember These Powerful Quotes From The Good Wife,” and “Moments When Alicia Left Us Speechless—All Without Saying a Word”), garnered thousands of views, positive fan reactions, and were designed to be as evergreen as possible—allowing for each video to remain watchable and entertaining well after the series ended.

Showcasing the characters:

In order to showcase the show in a new, fun, and fan-centric way, I created articles that highlighted the individuality of each character. david_lee_burns_primaryBy delivering fans well-researched and easily-consumable material, I not only provided entertainment, but jump-started discussions by encouraging fans to add their favorite moments.

One such article, “13 Greatest Burns From David Lee On The Good Wife,” was incredibly popular with fans and, as David Lee was my favorite character, the piece was incredibly fun to write!

Binge-Watch guides for each season:

Creating binge-watch guides for The Good Wife’s seven seasons was a tremendous undertaking. I watched, and re-watched, every episode to provide fans with recaps of key episodes and the most important moments from each season.

Fan interaction:

tgw_sme_guest_stars_primaryIn conjunction with the social team, we reached out to fans on Twitter to hear their favorite episodes, guest stars, and top moments from the show’s seven seasons. Using their feedback, I compiled a short gallery of fan responses and goodbyes to create a user-centric experience surrounding the series’ finale. Because I highlighted fans of the show, the response to the post was overwhelmingly positive and had a very high social reach from retweets and shares.

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