15 Themed Hotel Rooms That Will Bring Your Vacation To The Next Level

One of the nightmares of traveling is booking the perfect hotel. There is nothing worse than coming off a long flight and come to find that your hotel is, ahem, not really as nice as advertised. These 15 themed hotel rooms certainly aren’t your average Holiday Inn.

1. The Caveman Room at The Madonna Inn

If you ever find yourself in San Luis Obispo, hit the Madonna Inn. The place features a ton of different themed rooms, but this one transports you back. Way back. Channel your inner Fred Flintstone in this room made of solid rock. It’s primitive style doesn’t stop there; waterfalls spills from overhead in the stone shower and there is a rock pond in the den. Top it all off with animal-print everything and some caveman clubs and you’ve got a bed(room)rock.

2. The Pirate Room at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel

Hey, if you’ve going to LEGOLAND, you might as well go all out. Their family suites include a master suite, a kids room, and a living/dining area. And, like the above photo, all of it is super themed. It’s like you shrunk your way into The Lego Movie. There is a treasure hunt upon check-in and the room comes with lots of Legos to play with. Even as an adult, I’d be totally into this treasure chest.

3. The Igloo Room at the Fantasy Land Hotel

It only makes sense to stay in an Igloo if you’re traveling way up north to Alberta, Canada. This hotel has many themed rooms, but this suite has a total eskimo feel. It features a round bed (hidden within an igloo, of course) and bunk beds. Everything in the room is ice-themed, including replica ice furniture.

4. The Polynesian Luxury Room at The Fantasy Land Hotel

As it appears, the Fantasy Land Hotel has quite a few themed rooms. Just like the igloo room, it all looks a little cheap, like it’s made out of styrofoam. I am down for this room solely because of the waterfall jacuzzi, those fishy bed posts, and the parrot, which I am hoping is real.

5. The Twilight Room at the Pacific Inn Motel

The Pacific Inn Motel is located in, you guessed it, Forks, Washington. The towns only claim to fame is its setting for the Twilight franchise, so why not capitalize on it? It’s staggering how many vampire fans visit Forks just to see the movie was filmed, but I bet they all book rooms at this place.

6. The Champagne Tower Suite at the Cove Haven Resort

This 4-level suite (yes, 4 levels) is designed in an Egyptian theme and features a heart-shaped swimming pool. Oh, and a 7-foot-tall champagne glass whirlpool tub. Now Beyoncé isn’t the only person that can swim in champagne.

7. The Finding Nemo Suite at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

If you’re going to go to Disney World, you might as well dive in and get a themed room at one of their resorts. This amazing Finding Nemo suite has a room for kids, adults, and a spacious living area. While I doubt you’ll spend all that much time in your room while your at a theme park, it’s still pretty cool to sleep in a sea-scape.

8. The Eloise Suite in The Plaza Hotel — New York

True to the theme of the book, you can romp around the Plaza Hotel just like Eloise. In an all-pink room, designed by none other than Betsey Johnson, the room is the definition of “girly.” The room even comes complete with a fancy tea set, all of the Eloise books, and plenty of dolls and dress up accessories.

9. The Space Odyssey Room in the Red Carpet Inn

I don’t know why you would be in Greenwood, Indiana, but if you ever are, stay at this crazy hotel that offers a variety of themed rooms. Get an outer-worldly feeling in this room, which is designed like the surface of the moon, complete with a 10-sided bed inside a recreation of a Gemini Space Capsule.

10. The Gangster Room in Ron Decar’s Las Vegas Hotel

If you were to time travel back to the 1920s in Chicago, this is exactly (not really) what you’d see. With blood-stained trashcans as nightstands and sheets with a body-chalk drawing, how could this possibly be more themed? Oh, there is also a gangster themed chapel downstairs, so that’s how.

11. The Arabian Nights Suite at the Black Swan Inn

This room seems right out of Aladdin. With its purple hues and sandy colors, it looks like you are really sleeping in the Cave of Wonders. The camel embellishments don’t hurt either.

12. The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Ok, this hotel is more insanely cool than themed. To get there, you maneuver a personal Triton submarine down into the lagoon. There is even a restaurant and theater down there, though I think I would be too busy watching the fish to even notice.

13. The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Unlike the igloo-themed hotel, this one is actually completely made of ice. The whole thing is carved by hand and includes blankets. They better be some thick ass blankets.

14. The Barbie Suite in The Palms Las Vegas

Every girl grew up either playing with, or desperately wanting, a Barbie Dream House. Well, if you’re a big girl now with some money in the bank, you can spend a night in the Vegas version based off of the famous toy. The room features all times of Barbies, including collections over multiple decades and custom Barbie art. Look at all that pink!

15. The 50s Suite in the Oasis of Eden Hotel

This suite completely offers exactly what you’d think of a lovers’ lane. You can take a bath while being surrounded by walls painted with a city scape view or sleep in a bed centered in a ’59  Cadillac while gazing at the full moon and stars. Talk about romance.

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