8 Tribal Council Moments Castaways Wished Someone Would Yell “Psych!”

“Survivors ready… Psych!”

Survivor is notorious for game changers that come straight out of left field, leaving castaways angry, appalled, and, sometimes, relieved. Here are the top eight moments from 30 seasons that left the castaways in utter disbelief.

1. When Malcolm surprised everyone with an extra immunity idol on Survivor: Caramoan

via CBS.com

via CBS.com 

Episode 9 “Cut Off the Head of the Snake”

Before tribal council that night, there was a talk of a split vote against Eddie and Reynold in order to try and flush out the idol that Dawn knew Reynold had. There were also whispers of blindsiding Malcolm as the tribe had done earlier to another player in the game.

When Andrea heard that Malcolm’s alliance was targeting her, she naturally started scrambling to save herself and pushed for a “safe” vote against Michael. When Reynold got up to play his immunity idol, he surprised everyone by playing it for Malcolm. Ironically, Malcolm was the only person who voted for Reynold and Malcolm had no votes against him, so the idol was successfully flushed. As a result, Michael got the short end of the stick.

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