Will Colin Sweeney’s Testimony Make Or Break The Firm’s Police Brutality Case?

See the devious billionaire make his return in an all-new episode of The Good Fight entitled “Self Condemned.”

There’s a good chance that fans of The Good Wife will immediately recognize Colin Sweeney, played by guest star Dylan Baker, and remember him for his immense wealth, distasteful—yet oddly entertaining—persona, and his propensity for being accused of murder.

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His first appearance was in The Good Wife’s first season fighting civil charges for the murder of his wife. Over the years, Sweeney, a sexual deviant and a (twice) suspected wife killer, resurfaced for representation in a variety of morally questionable cases. Naturally, Diane Lockhart, who last met with Sweeney in The Good Wife’s “Dark Money,” is shocked to see him behind bars—again.

Though the billionaire is notorious for his unpredictable behavior and going rogue in the courtroom, he might be the best—and only—hope for the lawyers at Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad to finally take down Officer Thorough, the cop charged with police brutality in The Good Fight’s pilot episode, “Inauguration.”

Watch the clip above to see Diane and Adrian’s reaction to the Machiavellian oddball.

Will Sweeney be the firm’s perfect witness or will his notorious deeds destroy the case?

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